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Time for a Lanoguard Top Up? - Tips and Tricks for Easy Lanoguard Retreatment

Is your underbody protected with Lanoguard? As an easy vehicle-care product, it may be time to check your underbody, see how it’s doing, and give it a quick top-up coat.

With winter and spring now out of the way and summer approaching, now is a great time to get under the car without having to worry too much about wrapping up warm nor the state of the weather at the weekend…

Read on for some tips, tricks and info all about topping-up your underbody with more sheepy goodness, and where to find our Top Up bottles.



When reapplying Lanoguard, absolute minimal prep is required and top-up coats are often even quicker than the initial application. Last years’ coat doesn’t have to be removed and you can simply do coat-on-coat and spray over the top.

Fundamentally, all that’s needed is a quick wash of the underbody the day before, leave to dry, and spray away. Our Lanoguard Grease doesn’t have to be applied yearly either, so the process is as simple as a quick inspection of the underbody and another coat of our Lanoguard Moto Spray over the whole underbody.



UV exposure slowly breaks down Lanoguard over time. On a vehicle underbody, Lanoguard will last 12 months and still be protecting and doing its job at that point but it’s best to “top-up” just to ensure continuous protection. On areas inside the chassis, box sections, sills etc. – you won’t need to reapply yearly – and as stated, the grease doesn’t require yearly reapplication either.

As such, we recommend applying Lanoguard Spray again over the exposed parts of the underbody, and every 18-24 months reapplying Lanoguard Grease and re-injecting inside inner chassis. That said, if you’d prefer to do another heavy application yearly that’s never a bad thing!



Regular top-up coats can form a great part of your car care routine and are also a great opportunity to inspect your underbody’s condition, check how it’s doing, and be rest assured it’s in good working order! This also provides a chance to check and make sure you didn’t miss any areas of the underbody on your previous application too.

Whilst you can do coat-on-coat applications, we do sometimes recommend that after 4 years of Lanoguard treatments it can be a good idea to use our Lanoguard Remover (or a steam cleaner) to strip it back to the fresh underbody and start the coat again – this is because it can start to build up quite thick after 4 applications, and because it quite simply is good to give the vehicle a closer more thorough inspection every few years!



Our Lanoguard Moto Spray Top Up is a fantastic option for topping up your protection. Allowing you to re-use old trigger sprayers, pressure sprayers or other application accessories.

We sell 500ml2 litre and 5 litre top up bottles, as well as 20L jerry cans ideal for trade or bulk use too. See our Top Up page and give your vehicle more TLC! If you have any questions on retreatment, or we can help with anything at all – don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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