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360° Injector Accessory Pack

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This accessory pack is a perfect compliment to our Lanoguard sprays. Containing our 360° injector wand and our professional spray bottle, you can reach all the nooks and crannies you'd like to protect - making application to hard-to-reach areas really simple.


This pack contains:

1 x 360° Injector Wand          RRP £12.50
1 x Professional Spray Bottle          RRP £9.99

This bundle pack saves you 11% and, crucially, allows you to use Lanoguard even more thoroughly and just as easily!

Combining two useful products into one add-on deal, our 360° Injector Accessory Pack gives you the tools you need to apply Lanoguard to heavy-duty standards with DIY ease of use. 

Some features include:

  • A translucent tank with level indicator (makes for easy measuring of quantities)
  • Expert trigger sprayer for optimal applications of our range of spray products
  • Flexible and effective injector wand to help protect box sections, sills and difficult to reach areas

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kath Podmore

it could have been a bit longer for my car but very good

stephen langford

I warmed it up and it went on perfect and very easy to apply

Stefan Schmitt

360° Injector Accessory Pack

Berndt Alleway
Easy to apply

Applied Lanoguard to my Sprinter it took me about 25 Minutes and cures nicely leaving a water resistant waxy coating that will protect the underneath from the ravages of wet and salty UK roads in the winter

Glenn Wilson
Lanoguard order

I was impressed with the Lanoguard product. Very easy to use and apply, great coverage…even in those difficult to get at spots. The 360 injector kit required a bit of work when using, as it sprayed a lot in the bottom of box section, so you need to withdraw slowly and twist the small pipe to get a better coverage, first car done on to the next.