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360° Injector Accessory Pack

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This accessory pack is a perfect compliment to our Lanoguard sprays. Containing our 360° injector wand and our professional spray bottle, you can reach all the nooks and crannies you'd like to protect - making application to hard-to-reach areas really simple.


This pack contains:

1 x 360° Injector Wand          RRP £12.50
1 x Professional Spray Bottle          RRP £9.99

This bundle pack saves you 11% and, crucially, allows you to use Lanoguard even more thoroughly and just as easily!

Combining two useful products into one add-on deal, our 360° Injector Accessory Pack gives you the tools you need to apply Lanoguard to heavy-duty standards with DIY ease of use. 

Some features include:

  • A translucent tank with level indicator (makes for easy measuring of quantities)
  • Expert trigger sprayer for optimal applications of our range of spray products
  • Flexible and effective injector wand to help protect box sections, sills and difficult to reach areas

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chris Blake

I have used almost 2 litres on a Hilux surf that really needs some TLC, I haven’t used the injector yet, just been using the spray bottle, used cardboard to make a funnel to pour it into the bottle, I will definitely be back for more really soon, want to give the Peugeot a good spray too, but the truck will need a lot more! I have filmed before and after spraying, I will collage them all together then upload it to YouTube, the truck already looks a ton better, but I think most rust is too deep, there has already been welding done, and more will need done, but for now and then every year from now, I will coat every vehicle I can in Lanoguard, I have told everybody it might be relevant to, I hope the more popular you get, the more affordable it becomes :) keep up the great work :D

David Hill

Did the doors and insides of my Subaru chassis works very well ,easy to clean with washing up liquid and water .expensive for what it is but does the job.

David Rudgard-James
Lanoguard accessories

They all work very well and good quality.easy to use ,well recommended.