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Why Lanoguard?

Thank you for taking the time to explore and find out why Lanoguard is different to what you currently use or to find out more about the reasons for using it or trying it.

We have been making our products for over 35 years and over this time we have derived the best product components and blends, which have been tried, tested and improved over and over again. With these long-term foundations, we have an established customer base all over the world who trust and know us well. So you can rest assured that you are buying a trusted and quality product.

Carry on reading below to find out a few key reasons why you can trust Lanoguard to protect your underbody and machinery.

Click the headers below to read more about each of the reasons why you can trust Lanoguard for your Underbody.

Our products are designed to be super easy to apply, with very low prep required and minimal mess to clean-up after. You don’t need to mask up rubbers or plastics and don’t need to remove surface rust or “key-up” the surface.  A close-up jet wash to remove flaking or loose bits of rust, past underseal, or dirt, is all that’s needed for most vehicles. You can be rest assured that with a simple 20-30 minute spray and grease application you can protect your whole underbody to a heavy-duty standard. Where you will really notice a huge difference and understand why our products are unique is that an easy coating of Lanoguard will stay in place and adhere tenaciously. It cannot be washed off or dissolved by petrol nor washed out or displaced by road spray or jet washing. It won’t evaporate either! So it stays in place and keeps doing its job long after other products would have disappeared. This also makes Lanoguard highly versatile, you can use it to protect and maintain any vehicles, plant, boats, or machines.


With 3,579 5-Star reviews and counting, tens of thousands of happy customers are now using our products to say goodbye to rust and protect their underbodies. With 18,000+ members in our Lanoguard Users Group, our community is quickly growing! Alongside this, our background is in industrial and marine heavy duty rust protection. We developed and tested our products alongside university partners and industry, including airports, seaports, and construction – to create a formula which protects tenaciously from the harshest of chemical and corrosive environments.


Our formulas have come from years of research and development, and real-world industrial uses, to give the best protection against rust and corrosion – to achieve this, we only use the highest quality raw materials, all UK-sourced, to ensure our blends have the properties and features ideally suited to underbody protection. Many of our core ingredients we have made especially for us. We’ve worked with our suppliers for the past 11 years to perfect the raw ingredients and now make our products using bespoke materials which give Lanoguard the high surface adhesion, seeping/creeping ability, and industrial-grade protection required of a high-quality underbody protection product. The use of these premium quality materials means that Lanoguard has a set of technical properties and features which really set it apart from petroleum-based products and its other competition.

Lanoguard is a non-hazardous to apply product, which is ecologically friendlier and safe for aquatic life and the environment. It is also fine to apply on rubbers, plastics, electrics and on exhaust manifolds/engine bays due to it being non-perishing, non-conductive to 70kV, and non-flammable. Our products do not require any special handling or protective clothing, but for general health and safety light PPE (a regular face mask and goggles is fine!) are advisable. As well as using high-grade lanolin, we make the base from as much bio and sustainable resources as we can and are aiming towards making it from 100% bio, renewable resources as part of our mission. We use what is the cleaner part of hydrocarbons which are very low in toxicity and non-irritant, this gives our blends green credentials whilst maintaining a heavy-duty standard of corrosion and rust protection.

All Lanoguard products are cooked, blended, and bottled by hand – by our small team in Sussex. We’ve made and improved the products for 11 years, in that time developing great expertise in underbody and machinery protection, how to stop rust and what’s required for an underbody coating to be effective. We understand our product, and we understand underbodies – we take full responsibility for making sure you have the best quality product and protection, and we combine this with our dedicated customer support team who are always on hand to make sure you have the best quality service too. We are always here to help and share our knowledge of our products and of underbody protection, to make sure you’re a happy Lanoguarder.

We hope that gives you some insight and information into why you can trust Lanoguard as a product and as a company to protect your machinery and vehicles. Any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch on 0330 100 1959 or Email Us