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Why Lanoguard - What makes it different to what I currently use?

Thank you for taking the time to explore and find out why Lanoguard is different to what you currently use or to find out more about the reasons for using it or trying it.  

We have been making our products for over 35 years and over this time we have derived the best product components and blends, which have been tried, tested and improved over and over again. With these long-term foundations, we have an established customer base all over the world who trust and know us well. So you can rest assured that you are buying a trusted and quality product.

The straight forward answer to the question of why Lanoguard is different and better is something like this:

"Because it is superior to products you are currently using and will provide you with many benefits over and above those products, whilst being ecologically friendlier to the environments in which you are using the products".

Carry on reading more below, or watch this 1 minute explainer video to help understand more about why you should consider trying Lanoguard today.

Derived from a Lanolin and Natural products base, Lanoguard has a set of technical properties and features which really set it apart from petroleum based products and its other competition.

At the heart of Lanoguard all the products are very long lasting, defend against rust, corrosion and electrolysis and provide water proofing in any situation. Being made from a base of lanolin and other natural products means Lanoguard is ecologically friendlier to the environment or ecology of the environment you're using it in.

Where you will really notice a huge difference and understand why our products are unique is that Lanoguard will stay in place and adhere tenaciously. It cannot be washed off or dissolved by petrol nor washed out or displaced by salt water spray. It won’t evaporate either! So it stays in place and keeps doing its job long after other products (especially petroleum marine grease) would have disappeared. It is non-conductive to 70kVA and therefore will completely prevent electrolysis (stopping seizing, rust or corrosion and allowing the products to be used on all electrics) and Lanoguard can resist jet washing up to 200 bar (3000 psi) of pressure so you are still able to wash off salt / oil / mud / dust / dirt / bird droppings or anything else that settles after you have applied Lanoguard.

A particular thing that sets Lanoguard apart is that because it is non-perishing and non-leaching it can be applied easily in areas of multiple surface types where you find metal, nylon, rubber, vinyl and plastic all in one place. A good example is on a whole engine bay where you would find different metals, plastic wires, rubber hoses and the like.

The "Outdoor" product line can also be used on wood and leather due to the outdoor product range having anti-fungal properties too.

There are many more uses than we can list for Lanoguard when using around your boat and machinery for example. Once you have a good understanding of its technical properties and uses, we are sure you will find many more yourself, which is another reason that Lanoguard is different. Multiple uses and its versatility means less products to buy. 

Below are a few suggestions of where to use the "Marine" and the "Outdoor" range of products which we hope help to give examples to feed your thinking. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask if there is a possible use you have which you would like to check with us, we love to hear from our customers and their uses. Thanks for reading about why we think Lanoguard is really different.

Lanoguard Marine Product range use ideas:

  1. Lanoguard Prop-Tection will prevent your propeller from corroding
  2. Use Lanoguard Marine grease on all bolts and threads when assembling anything to completely prevent seizing and corrosion
  3. Similarly before inserting screws to prevent electrolysis – when you come to remove them it will be significantly easier
  4. Defend against rust and corrosion on rigging or your whole outboard engine
  5. Prevent rust on trailer wheels, winches and brakes
  6. Protect earth wires from corroding and protect all electrical circuitry
  7. Keep your anchor chains looking like new and rust free
  8. Help prevent barnacles growing
  9. Use on ropes to protect from salt water
  10. Make cleaning much easier as dirt, bird muck and marine growth won’t stick and can be jet washed off leaving the Lanoguard protective coating in place.

Lanoguard Outdoor Product range use ideas:

  1. Protect your barbeque from rust
  2. Use it on your motorbike chain to ensure smooth running
  3. Stop your wooden shed from being damaged by UV rays and rotting
  4. Waterproof your tent and tent gear
  5. Particularly good for protection of electrics and circuitry as it leave little residue
  6. Look after your caravan jack winders and tow bar accessories
  7. Keep hinges and padlocks rust free around your home and boat
  8. Prevent corrosion on a hot tub water pump extending its life indefinitely
  9. Keep your mountain bike looking new
  10. Stop your lawnmower rusting
  11. Protect your door intercom from rust and corrosion

Thanks again for finding out WHY Lanoguard is different.  If you would like to buy it and try for yourself, please visit our products page and shop here.