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All You Need To Know

Very low prep, quick DIY application, minimal mess. A lasting, jet-wash resistant and eco-friendly barrier coating that stays in place and stops salt, grit and moisture in their tracks.

Trusted by thousands of vehicle owners across the UK and Ireland. Sourced and made in the UK by our friendly family business with eco-friendly, natural and products.

It’s one simple kit with everything you need to do the job, including the tools to apply it. Very quick to apply, with full instructions.

Our Underbody Chassis Care Kit is ideal for most vehicles from normal road cars to 4x4's.

Delivered in a box to your door.

Who Else Uses It?

As well as being used by tens of thousands of DIY vehicle owners, we are very proud that Lanoguard is used by many industrial customers including JCB, Multihog, The National Trust and Dublin Airport.

We have industrial partners in aviation, marine, construction and green-tech markets. As well as specialist garages and trade application centres too. Our formulas are high-grade and heavy duty, and our DIY customers’ vehicles are protected to the same standard.

The Sprayer

Lanoguard’s Professional Sprayer and 1.2m Extension Hose is included in your Underbody Chassis Care Kit. It is for a superior application coverage and it has fully adjustable spray/atomising ability for even coverage and to reach harder to reach places. The sprayer has been engineered to spray sideways and upside down.

How Long Does It Last?

Lanoguard has been designed for yearly/seasonal applications. It is a very easy application which fits in with your car care routine – very low prep, and a 20-30 minute application.

It should be topped up at least once a year to ensure continuous protection.

Do I Need To Remove Existing Products First?

Lanoguard will be fine to cover over the top of any existing products, you just need to ensure that any flaking pieces are removed with a wire brush or a close-up jet wash. Always ensure that Lanoguard is the top coat.

What Colour Is Lanoguard?

The Lanoguard sprays are almost clear when being applied. This result in a clear coating which is a semi-matte wet look which enhances whatever colour is under it, being transparent allows you to clearly see that rust isn’t forming.

If applied over surface rust, Lanoguard will darken and reduce the vibrancy of the rust too.

Can It Be Used Over Surface Rust?

Lanoguard is great for chassis with surface rust. It has a natural affinity to ferrous metals and will bond to the metal underneath any surface rust, it acts as a barrier by hermetically sealing to the surface keeping oxygen and water out -stopping any rust from developing further.

How Long Does It Take To Dry?

Lanoguard reaches its final state around 7 to 10 days after application. Day 0 it is "oily" day 3 "soft" and final state is dry to the touch, but you know something is there. It dries to a candle-like texture.

Lanoguard protects, waterproofs and repels water instantly.

What's The Moto Grease For?

The Moto Grease is a super-concentrate surface protectant product. It is essentially a thicker version of our spray and is a very useful product for vehicle underbody applications. It provides a heavy-duty protection and a thicker coat – meaning it’s perfect for more vulnerable or prone areas.

Do You Have Before And After Images?

Many Lanoguard customers have submitted Before and After images to our thriving User Group on Facebook. You can also see our Gallery of users by clicking here.

We also recommend checking out our YouTube channel where you can find many videos of application from us and our users too.