How to Apply Lanoguard & Tips

Do you need know more about how to apply and troubleshoot Lanoguard products? Below is all the information and resources you should need to get started protecting your valuable vehicles, motors and machinery. A simple user guide, top tips, FAQs and some product specific user guides at the bottom of the page. We also recommend heading over to our YouTube channel for detailed video tutorials from us. Need any more assistance? Contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

Simple User Guide:

1. Clean the surface to be treated and remove any unsound surfaces (rust, flaking, laminating etc). A good jet-wash will usually do the trick, but wire brushing and wiping should be fine too!
2. Apply Lanoguard Grease (warmed if possible) to any areas very vulnerable to high corrosion or seizing up. Apply warmed (if possible) Lanoguard Spray to all areas you'd like to protect. Check for any missed parts and wipe excess spray from places you'd like a thinner coat.

3. Lanoguard typically lasts up to a year, but we recommend twice-yearly treatments to ensure your machines stay protected and in optimal condition.

Check out our YouTube channel for video user guides, tips, tricks and everything Lanoguard!

You can also download the instruction leaflet / thank you note we send out by clicking here.

Top Troubleshooting Tips:

1. SUPER USEFUL WINTER TIP from the Lanoguard user group, and please do take note: Please remember Lanoguard is thixotropic, so thicker when colder. To avoid blocking the trigger sprayer, be sure to keep the liquid warm before spraying and ideally whilst using too, i.e keep the bottle in a bucket of warm water whilst spraying. Oh and this also helps keep the bottle upright!.
2. To avoid spillages of the 2L or 5L sprays should they accidentally be pulled over in use, tape the plastic cone insert on the hose pipe to the neck of the bottle after it's been inserted. You could also drill a 6.5mm hole in the cap, but you you will need to seal the hole again to store what is left after use.  A screw cap version is in production soon.
3. If you're finding the grease difficult to apply, try gently heating it and 'painting' it on with a brush.  Heat to hand hot water temperature to make it nice and thin.
4. If the trigger spray isn't spraying, unscrew it and ensure the hose pipe is pushed fully into the trigger gun. Sometimes it can get blocked up, so try spraying through with our removal liquid to clean it out.

Got any other queries or problems with Lanoguard? View our FAQs or Contact Us.


Product Specific User Guides:

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  Outdoor Range