10L Stainless Steel Applicator Sprayer - Lanoguard
10 Litre Stainless Steel Pressure Sprayer Kit - Lanoguard
10 Litre Stainless Steel Pressure Sprayer Kit - Lanoguard
10 Litre Stainless Steel Pressure Sprayer Kit - Lanoguard
10 Litre Stainless Steel Pressure Sprayer Kit - Lanoguard

10 Litre Stainless Steel Pressure Sprayer Kit

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Lanoguard's 10L Stainless Steel Applicator Sprayer, makes applying to larger areas and vehicles with even coverage much easier, and can be reused again and again, becoming part of your Lanoguard maintenance and protection kit.  

We have spent much time and development trialling to ensure this professional sprayer system and accessories works well with Lanoguard spray products.  

Some of the main features of note are:

  • High pressure spraying, up to 6 Bar!
  • Dual option pressurising - By Hand pumping or it can be pressurised / charged by an air compressor via its built in tyre valve
  • Comes with 6 metre long hose to ensure you don't have to keep moving the vessel under large vehicles 
  • Has 1 metre long injector wand with 360 misting nozzle for applying to internal areas of box section, sills etc. (see video of the wand being used below)
  • Includes a flexi pipe trigger gun which is bendable to suit desried spraying angle
  • Comes with a carrying strap for portability too

Here is a video showing the 10 litre sprayer kit in use along side a trigger spray used for the engine bay of an old American school bus treatment:

Here is a video the injector wand being used with the 10 litre pressure sprayer:

And here is a video of us using the 10 litre sprayer kit alongside our other sprayers too, to do a boat trailer:

We have tried and tested this sprayer and worked hard to design and develop it to be the ideal sprayer for keen DIY'ers with multi vehicles / machines or for our trade partners doing regular applications.

We recommend using this sprayer as a large area covering tool, covering quickly and with ease. 

This sprayer is well accompanied with our Pro sprayer 1 litre bottles or the kit extenion trigger sprayer to cover the finer details and nooks and crannies.  

It is often bought alongside the smaller sprayers and the 5 or 20 litre jerry cans of Moto or Marine spray.  

Please note. This is the sprayer only, 5L Marine, Moto and Outdoor Sprays must be purchased separately.  It does not include a wheeled trolley either as per some of the images show.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Greg McAllen
Professional quality equipment

We, like a previous reviewer, have applied many underbody anti-rust coatings during our 40 years of the automotive trade. It has never been a pleasant experience undertaking this work, nor has the clean-up afterwards. We specialise in Jeep brand vehicles alone, new and old, both workshops and parts stockists/import and supply. Having applied Lanoguard as a trial to one of our own vehicles earlier in 2021, we are so impressed with the product, both during application and effectiveness, we began offering our customers an application service. This entailed investing further in a designated sealed-off application area and extraction system. Lanoguards 10L pressurised professional sprayer functions extremely well and has been reliable. It does however, apply a such a rate and area coverage, the smaller sprayers are necessary to apply to edges, wheel areas, sills etc, to avoid over-spray and wastage. Short blasts alone are all that are required to apply Lanoguard to internal box sections and chassis areas. Although this sprayer is prone to over-applying the product if one is a little keen, hard to reach areas of floor panels, above axles and other obstructions, can be easily treated using the bendy lance this sprayer is equipped with. An excellent tool worth investing in if applying Lanoguard on a regular basis.

Transit Tools Ltd
Best Sprayer I’ve ever used!

Having applied hundreds of coats of Waxoyl, Dinitrol, Bilt Hamer and now Lanoguard, using every type of sprayer, pump and air fed apparatus, on customers and my own vehicles over the last 30 years, I can honestly say this sprayer and the Lanoguard product have been the easiest, cleanest and most effective yet! Absolutely awesome. Thankyou.