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All About Lanoguard Moto Grease: Our Super-Concentrate Anti-Corrosive Barrier Coating

Lanoguard Moto Grease is a versatile and multi-purpose weatherproofing and anti-seize grease-like product... But what exactly is it useful for, and how can it be used to its full potential? In this blog we’ll explain everything you need to know about our heavy-duty surface protectant which is ideal for a whole host of vehicle underbody and machinery uses.


What is Moto Grease?

Lanoguard Moto Grease is a completely natural, lanolin-based surface protectant product ideal for heavy-duty rust prevention, waterproofing and lubrication needs. It provides a highly concentrated coat which immediately waterproofs anything, and protects it from all salt, acid, and alkaline corrosion.

Moto Grease can be used for a wide variety of needs, including industrially to keep machinery and vehicles operational and serviceable. Its most common use is alongside our Moto Spray in rustproofing vehicle underbodies and chassis’. Our grease is easy to apply and perfect for highly prone areas, such as weld seams, nuts and bolts, pins, threads, sharp edges etc. Put simply, it protects, lubricates, and stays in place tenaciously.


Features of Our Moto Grease

Below are just a handful of the many features of our Moto Grease:

  • Completely natural, and safe to apply
  • Non-evaporative, it won’t dry out
  • Adheres tenaciously to any surface with an easy application
  • Provides a complete hermetic seal which instantly waterproofs anything
  • Industrial-grade anti-corrosive and anti-seize
  • Non-perishing to rubbers and plastics, and non-leaching
  • Jet-wash and road-spray resistant
  • Non-conductive to 70kV and non-flammable

These features all boil down to the real benefits to the end user: very low prep, easy application and minimal mess to clean up after. These are the benefits that set Lanoguard apart and make it a great way to empower the DIY user and care for vehicles or machinery with ease.


How and Where to Apply Moto Grease

Our Moto Grease is very easy to apply. Firstly, it’s best to remove any dirt as well as loose or flaking bits of rust, paint, or past coatings. A close-up jet wash should be absolutely fine to do this. Once the area is dried, Lanoguard Moto Grease can be applied with fingers, brushes, or cloths. For the easiest application we recommend warming up the grease (in a bucket of warm water is best) and then brushing it on with a regular paint brush.

Moto Grease should be applied to any areas highly vulnerable or prone to rusting, corrosion and seizing up. High impact areas, or areas you would like to keep serviceable. Anywhere you’d like a thicker coating or a seamlessly easy job in unscrewing bolts! This can include:

  • Weld seams
  • Nuts, bolts, and pins (keep them from corroding and seizing together)
  • Sharp edges (where our Moto Spray may not be able to adhere as well)
  • Threads
  • Shock absorbers
  • Chains
  • Leaf springs
  • Anywhere moisture can gather and sit
  • Anywhere dissimilar metals may meet, especially nuts and bolts of differing metal types
  • Areas already very poorly rusted. You may want a coat of Moto Grease to instantly waterproof and seal this area thoroughly.

Fundamentally, when you start using Moto Grease you will likely find more and more uses for it. It’s a versatile product, and because it’s natural and non-perishing, it can be used anywhere for waterproofing and rustproofing needs.


Industrial-Grade Protection

Many of our industrial clients love to use Moto Grease to solve their corrosion problems. The products are unique compared to conventional greases because they will not evaporate leaving unprotected parts – they stay in place and do their job, lubricating and keeping parts well maintained and not corroded nor seized together.

Our client Multihog, who manufacture municipal and airport sweepers and winter operations vehicles/tractors, use Lanoguard Moto Grease on every nut, bolt and pin during assembly – as this ensures their vehicles can remain operational and ready to go even in the harshest of corrosive environments. You can read all about Multihog and Lanoguard here. To see more about our industrial uses or to enquire about your own corrosion problems we may be able to solve, click here.


How to Purchase Moto Grease

Our Moto Grease comes with all of our Vehicle Underbody and Chassis Care Kits, and you can also purchase it separately as a refill tub. We sell directly through our website to ensure you get the best customer service and support from our team, who are always here to help. Scroll down to see our Underbody Care range of products – or feel free to give us a call or email, we’d love to speak to you!

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