Multihog® and Lanoguard: An Industrial Case Study

Multihog have been industrial customers of Lanoguard and our sister company Asset Protector for several years, using our corrosion prevention and anti-seize greases and lubricants to protect their multi-purpose and industry leading tractors. Read on to find out more about this interesting company, and why they use Lanoguard.

What do Multihog® do?

Multihog design and produce a range of industrial tractors which are versatile and serve a multitude of uses due to their compact size and heavily interchangeable attachments. Their vehicles are used by some of the world’s busiest airports, local authorities, and contractors - DHL, Gatwick Airport, Birmingham Airport and Edinburgh Airport are just a small collection of the many major companies making use of them.

Multihog tractors are so useful in industry due to their ability to be used for so many aspects of operation. They can be used for snow ploughing, de-icing, street cleaning, salt spreading, line removing, lawn mowing, leaf blowing… the list is near endless!

What do Multihog use Lanoguard for?

The harsh and often chemical environments these vehicles are used in mean that our products serve an ideal purpose in protecting and maintaining them not just for aesthetics but also for function. A key use we found for our products was to protect the components which allow the tractor attachments to be removed, changed and replaced. In the case of runway brushing and cleaning, these attachments can quickly wear down – so it’s vital that the components allow for quick and easy replacement. A common problem Multihog found was that these metal components can quickly corrode and seize up, and a seized attachment is not an easily changeable one!

Shown to the right is one of these components after intense salt spray testing – showing the heavily corroded surface. The component is made up of the plate and the shaft which screws onto it, and quickly becomes seized and near-permanently attached to the plate in the harsh operating conditions. Multihog have found that using our grease products on the attached parts stops the plate and shaft from seizing up and keeps them lubricated, protected – and ready to be taken apart and removed with ease.

Why we’re tried and tested

We’ve built up a close relationship with Multihog over the years – and take pride in these fascinating and heavy-duty uses for our products. Multihog themselves have thoroughly tested Lanoguard products in salt-spray machines to mimic the tough environments their vehicles are used in. The attachment component shown in the photos above was tested for 1,200 hours in their salt-spray machine, well beyond the operating conditions of the tractors – and was shown to pass with flying colours. The component wasn’t seized up, the shaft could be removed easily, and the Lanoguard grease did its job – showing that it’s ideal for keeping Multihog vehicles working to their optimum.

See below a short video of Multihog using Lanoguard Grease on their components, and an explanation of the salt spray tests they did with their Technical Director, Gerry McHugh.


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