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We Visited Multihog to Talk Corrosion Prevention on Their Industrial Vehicle Production Line

We paid a visit to Dundalk, Ireland to catch-up with our long-term industrial customer, Multihog, who use our products to prevent corrosion and seizing on their airport and municipal tractors and sweepers. Read our case study on Multihog here.

Jacob and Dillon, who head up production and business development respectively, spoke to Gerry, the Technical Director of Multihog, to find out how they’re getting on with Lanoguard and more about why they use it.

Multihog are a well-respected manufacturer of multi-use versatile industrial/commercial tractors, which are used by airports, councils, and industry for a variety of different operations. Multihog vehicles can be used for snow sweeping, gritting, de-icing, leaf blowing, lawn mowing, and much more. These vehicles are often used in highly corrosive and chemical environments, where corrosion and seizing up is more common.

Multihog use Lanoguard on the assembly line, applying our grease to every pin, nut and bolt that goes into each vehicle. This ensures parts are serviceable, not seized-up, and easily replaceable when required. Their vehicles use attachments which enable one vehicle to perform a wide array of different operational tasks, and so quick swapping of attachments is essential.

Unlike most greases and lubricants, Lanoguard doesn’t evaporate. This is often a key issue industrially, and an important factor for Multihog – as an evaporated grease leaves behind unlubricated parts prone to chemical corrosion and electrolysis, and prevents attachments and faulty parts being replaced. Seizing-up and corrosion of vital parts can cause costly machine downtime and have significant effects on the fast-paced, time-critical operation that many Multihog clients rely on every day.

It was fantastic to visit Multihog’s global headquarters in Dundalk. Their vehicles are innovative and wonderfully designed and manufactured. Multihog test their tractors to the highest standard and assemble them with the utmost care and expertise. It’s no wonder they’re used in some of the largest airports worldwide, including Montreal, Gatwick, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Dublin – as well as by city councils and municipalities globally.

We’ll be posting a video on the site and the YouTube channel soon showcasing what we got up to at Multihog and how they use the products – do be sure to check out our case study of Multihog here.

Do you have industrial corrosion or seizing problems? Do you have commercial vehicles and/or machinery requiring natural, corrosion prevention and non-evaporative lubrication? Get in touch with our team… our products can certainly help you solve your issues.

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