Lanoguard 360° Injector Wand for inner sills and box sections

Lanoguard 360° Injector Wand for inner sills and box sections

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The 360o Injector Wand is designed to help make application to all those hard-to-reach areas really simple. Areas such as box sections, sills and all the nooks and crannies.

The UK designed, and made, adaptor is CNC machined aircraft grade aluminium alloy, with knurled surface for good grip and a perfect fit.

The Spray Nozzle is a hi-tech 3D printed hollow cone, with 70o fan spray, to give a more even coverage with its misting fan spray pattern.
The wand Tube is made from nylon ‘super flex’ grade tubing.  It is 600mm long, both flexible and durable with 5mm diameter to help get into those tight, internal and hard to reach areas.
The 360o Injector Wand is included in the Underbody Chassis Kit + Injector Bundle Kit, The Ultimate Underbody & Chassis Care Kit and 360 Injector Accessory Pack. It can re-used again and again, becoming part of your regular Lanoguard maintenance and protection kit.
The adaptor allows for attachment to the Professional Sprayer Bottle 1L, Professional Sprayer and 1.2m Extension Hose and the 2L and 5L Moto Spray with trigger.
Here is a video explaining improvements we have recently made to the 360o Injector Wand and showing it in use.

We have developed and tested this wand over many months and worked hard to ensure it offers great internal coverage for both keen DIY'ers, and for our trade partners applying regular treatments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Glen Barnett
Ford transit custom

Did a good job with wand for box section, only problem was a leaky ward which was soon replaced. Got enough to do it next year too. Thank you

Paul Mckeever
360 injector wand

I haven’t used the product yet but I have used the previous one the only fault I could find with that was it was a stream of lanoguard that came out the nozzle rather than a mist which the new one does so it should be be better than the old one

Gerald Hyndman

Just used the wand great job for all the awkward places

John smith

Hi I’m a big fan of lanoguard for my jeep in winter to keep the rust away but now with the wand I can get to hidden places like sills and inner panels so great job cheers John

Robert Redman
360 Wand

Brought this a couple of days ago and have been using it on my 1977 land-rover that I'm rebuilding. The wand is an absolute godsend allowing me to access all the door pillars, behind the dashboard and inside the chassis. With out it I would be unable to add protection where its required... wonderful addition really useful.