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Winterize Your Vehicle with Lanoguard

Do you have a vehicle or any machinery you care about? Winter can be a damaging time for vehicles with heightened rust and corrosion concerns. Or maybe you want top up your protection before winter sets in.

Lanoguard is a super easy and effective way of protecting throughout the season. Read on to find out more about the dangers of winter, and how we can help - including our new Winter Checklist to get you started with inspecting your vehicle ready for the cold months ahead!


Easy, Simple, DIY Rust Protection.

All you need to protect your vehicle this winter, with very low prep, minimal mess, and industrial-grade protection against all salt, acid, and alkaline corrosion.

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Why Is Lanoguard Ideal for Winterizing?

Our products have many key properties and features which make them ideally suited to underbody protection, particularly to prepare and protect for harsh winter environments. A quick 20-30 minute spray of Lanoguard will let you rest assured that your vehicles, equipment, and machinery are safe all season from the dangers of rust and corrosion.

Here’s just a few reasons why our products are ideal for winter application:

  • They displace all moisture and oxygen, stopping the rusting process dead in its tracks
  • They protect against salt, acid, and alkaline
  • They stop electrolysis and ensure parts don’t seize up
  • They’re non-conductive to 70kV – you can winterize electrical components and stop problems arising from inclement weather
  • They’re quick and easy to use with very low prep, no masking up needed, and minimal mess
  • They’re jetwash resistant to 3000psi – so you can easily clean your vehicle throughout winter without removing the protection
  • Lanoguard can be used all year, even in cold weather climates
  • They’re natural and ecologically sound

The products have plenty more features and properties which make them perfect for winter underbody protection. See more on our features page here.

Our products are used industrially for winter operations, to ensure vehicles and machinery are operating as they should be and are protected from seizing up, corrosion, and cold-welding in harsh chemical and marine environments. Commercially, Lanoguard is used to protect snow plough fleets, runway de-icer trucks, council vehicles, off-shore power generators, and many more. Read our latest blog all about how we keep Multihog airport vehicles ready to do their job.





What Products Are Best?

Our Underbody Kits are best suited to protect your vehicles and machines this winter – tried and tested in heavy duty industrial settings, these products give you all you need to ensure rust is stopped dead.

  • Moto Spray – our signature spray, for the whole underbody and chassis to protect against the environment, seal the surface, and lightly lubricate.
  • Moto Grease – our super concentrate product, perfect for the more vulnerable and prone areas and for heavy duty anti-seize application. Find out more about our grease here.

The Dangers of Winter Rust and Corrosion

During winter, metal surfaces are far more prone to rusting – or the process of “oxidation” for several reasons.

  • Increased moisture in the air and on the roads
  • Increased salt due to road gritting

The oxidation process requires both moisture and oxygen to react with a ferrous metal to form rust (iron oxide). An increased amount of moisture in the environment increases the likelihood of the process being able to take place.

Salt doesn’t cause rusting on its own – but it significantly speeds up oxidation. The chemical reaction required for rust to form involves an exchange of electrons between the metal and oxygen. In short, salt water accelerates the process so much because it is what is known as an ‘electrolyte’ solution – current, and electrons, flow more easily in salt water and so the rusting process happens more rapidly.

Underbody rust can be an expensive issue to fix and can also be a hazard too. If it’s left to get too bad, it can affect the structural integrity of the vehicle and lead to costly repair work and/or failure of MOTs. We’re here to help you tackle the dangers of winter and rusting - and to ensure your vehicle is protected.


Watch this video as our Head of Production, Jacob, talks about winter vehicle checks:

What To Check on Your Underbody

We highly recommend taking a look at your underbody, especially before winter. We’ve created this simple checklist which runs through all the key prone areas for you to inspect on your vehicles, to ensure you’re prepared for the salty, damp winter environment.

These problem areas are all ideal for a quick spray of Lanoguard to make sure they’re working well and are well maintained. Is your underbody already rusted? Not to worry. Just remove any loose/flaking bits of rust, Lanoguard will happily sit on top of sound surface rust and will displace all moisture and oxygen away from the surface, stopping the rust dead.


If you’re not sure where some of these components are located, just get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and we’re more than happy to help you with your winter underbody checks.


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