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Winterize Your Vehicle with Lanoguard

Do you have a vehicle or any machinery you care about? Winter can be a Do Do you have a vehicle or any machinery you care about? Winter can be a damaging time for vehicles with heightened rust and corrosion concerns. Or maybe you want to top up your protection before winter sets in.

Lanoguard is a super easy and effective way of protecting throughout the season. Read on to find out more about the dangers of winter, and how we can help - including our new Winter Checklist to get you started with inspecting your vehicle ready for the cold months ahead!

Stop Underbody Rust This Winter With Lanoguard

Protection Kits for New Lanoguarders

Regular Kit

Regular Kit

Perfect starter kit for standard vehicles. £76.99

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Regular Kit + Injector Pack

Regular Kit + Injector Pack

For comprehensive protection, includes injector pack. £92.99

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Large Kit

Large Kit

Best for larger vehicles or multiple applications. £121.99

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Large Kit + Injector Pack

Large Kit + Injector Pack

Ultimate protection with our largest kit and injector pack. £137.99

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Top Up Kit for Regular Lanoguarders

Top Up Kit

Keep your protection at its peak with our Top Up Kit.

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Get Your Winter Checklist

Download Winter Checklist

What Products are Best?

Our Underbody Kits are best suited to protect your vehicles and machines this winter – tried and tested in heavy duty industrial settings, these products give you all you need to ensure rust is stopped dead.



Lanoguard doesn’t trap moisture, it displaces it. Due to this, it doesn’t matter at all if the air is damp or the vehicle underbody isn’t completely dry. Whilst we don’t recommend you spray onto a dripping wet underbody, it doesn’t have to be bone dry! Lanoguard will still bond and adhere to the surface – hermetically sealing and stopping rust dead in its tracks once cured. Our products will of course repel all moisture after application too.

The increased salt and grit on the roads is also no problem for Lanoguard. Whilst it’s best to wash the vehicle underbody prior to application, it doesn’t matter if some salts or dirt are left behind still. Salt doesn’t corrode vehicles, salt water does. Without moisture and oxygen present at the surface, salt is harmless.

Interestingly, due to Lanoguard bonding to the metal surface, over time it can also push salts to the surface. We discovered this in a research project with the University of Brighton, in which Lanoguard was sprayed over salt-sprayed metal. It was found that as the Lanoguard cured and became attracted to the metal, the saline solution was pushed away from the metal – leaving it sitting on top of the Lanoguard coating. In a practical sense, this means that Lanoguard can draw out any salt deposits left on the underbody, and you can simply jet wash these off to keep the coating clean.



Due to Lanoguard being Thixotropic, meaning it is slightly thicker when colder, it is best to make sure the product is kept at room temperature particularly in colder weather. If you’d like to make Lanoguard even thinner for application, you can also keep the bottle in a bucket of warm water whilst you spray.


Unlike most conventional treatments, warm air doesn’t actually help to speed up the Lanoguard curing process. Colder air flow will. So if you can, it’s best to keep the vehicle exposed to cold air if you’d like to shorten the curing time.

Why is Lanoguard Ideal for Winterizing?

Our products have many key properties and features which make them ideally suited to underbody protection, particularly to prepare and protect for harsh winter environments. A quick 20-30 minute spray of Lanoguard will let you rest assured that your vehicles, equipment, and machinery are safe allseason from the dangers of rust and corrosion.