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At their base both Lanoguard Outdoor and Lanoguard Marine have the same properties and the product is blended and adapted to suit different uses.

Lanoguard can be used on all metals, nylon, rubber, vinyl, wood (only the outdoor product has anti-fungal) and plastic, the Outdoor product line can also be used on leather and fabric. Select one of the below to learn more about the uses of Lanoguard in those areas.


 Lanoguard Marine Lanoguard Outdoor
Lanoguard Marine Uses Lanoguard Outdoor Uses
Powerful, long lasting, natural protection against electrolysis and corrosion. Designed for boats and any vehicles exposed to wet environments Long lasting, anti-corrosive sprays, greases and lubricants for use on all metals woods, leather, plastics and fabrics both in your home and garden.