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Sustainability and Environment - We really care

At the heart of Lanoguard is it's two driving core values which is to "Care and Protect Futures".   We not only do this by helping our customers to protect their own assets future use and care about the experience they have with us as their chosen supplier, but we flow these values and the ethos throughout our business activity, actions and continual improvement.   

We work to ensure we can reduce carbon footprint throughout our supply chain and our working practices, we strive to source all our resources from within the UK and remove unnecessary air or sea cargo and to mitigate the associated environmental impact that has whilst also being commercially viable.

We have various initiatives which we focus on to continually improve our environmental credentials and reduce our impact on the environment.  Such as:

  • Investing in Bio Solvents and Greener alternatives to additives
  • Removal of any reliance petro chemical products within our range
  • Removing of plastic packaging from our shipments
  • Investing in alternative packaging R&D 
  • Reimagining supply chains and seeking to build more circular economy based supply chains
  • Tackling supply chain issues from a different approach to the norm and forming partnerships with a view to improve farmers incomes  whom we work with
  • Reducing waste and increasing reuse of packing and tools we use

We have a separate fund (called "social futures fund") which we build up from a percentage of our sales, which provides funding for environment and futures protection work, so you know that your purchase of Lanoguard not only protects your assets, but you are also contributing to this fund which also goes a long way to protecting our futures too.  Examples of the initiatives and work we do with this fund are:

  • Preserving local wildlife habitats
  • Planting trees to re grow our natural environments and off set carbon emissions
  • Basic beach and local area litter picking
  • Cleaning rivers of the plastic waste found within them
  • Teaching children how to run socially responsible companies which consider their impact on future resources
  • Trialling Carbon Neutral transportation for Sail Cargo (Boats without engines to move raw materials around)
  • Researching and initiating consortiums to drive new plastic replacement products collectively - such as from bio polymer made from wool for example or fish waste
  • Connecting up different parts of the globes with Marine research and education initiatives between schools
  • Promotion of reuse and remake thinking

Overall, we are striving to be carbon neutral by 2025 and fully non reliant on petro chemicals in production by 2026.  

We monitor this by measuring these two things and and currently as of January 2022 we are here, which we are proud of and understand this to be industry leading.   This target is shown below together with our vision of where we want to be:

2022 current petro reliance = 56%      Where we aim to be 0%

2022 current carbon footprint = xxxxx       where we want to be "net zero"

Please do get in touch if you would like to know more or have ideas we could consider working on too.