About Us - and a little history

Friendly, family and passionate people with real world experience.  Our philosophy is simple, we manufacture natural non-toxic, anti-corrosive sprays, greases and lubricants to provide an alternative solution to those which are hazardous and petroleum based for both the domestic and commercial/industrial markets whilst ensuring they outperform conventional product options.  We always like to start by asking "is there a better way?

Farmland view of the founderHaving grown up on a farm, the original founder of Lanoguard always wondered why it was that his shearing sheds and farm buildings were always in such good condition. Over time as he got older and more curious, he started to know and understand the many benefits and potential contained with the contents of woolgrease, natural oils and substances and lanolin.  This was the start of Lanoguard being used for protection against the elements all around the farm, then his boat and it went on.  But it was not named back then, it was just some brilliant liquid and grease that had some fascinating uses for him. Looking for a career away from farming, he went on to become a Submarine electrical engineer for the Royal Navy where he started to find many uses for this natural and lanolin based product he had made in his prior life.  He put this knowledge together and started to produce our first products as we know them today. Lanoguard was born. 

We have spent over 35 years innovating and perfecting our products to help make things last longer, work smoothly and not corrode to save time, money and hassle for our clients. Clients whom mainly work with machines in harsh environments and in the boating and marine industry environment.

We are now an International Company with offices in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand, all run by passionate individuals whom come with wide real world experience in anti-corrosion and lubrication markets and with backgrounds in mechanical engineering. They can talk with passion about their first-hand experience and their painful experiences and frustration caused by corrosion, seizing and electrolysis related problems, which they now know can be solved so simply.

If you would like further information about our company, our people or our products, please contact us today on 0330 100 1959.