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Ultimate Guide to Underbody Rust Protection with Lanoguard



    We hope this guide will be helpful to you, if you have any questions or would like any advice or any more information. Please don't hesitate to contact us, we are here to help! 

    What Kit Is Best For My Vehicle?

    These underbody kits give you all the tools needed to protect your underbody from rust and corrosion. This protective coating stops rust dead in its tracks and prevents new rust forming. 


    Regular Kit:

    Lanoguard Underbody Rust Protection Kits - Lanoguard
    • Suitable protection for standard vehicles such as road cars and pickup trucks.
    • Includes 2L of Moto Spray, 600ml of Moto Grease, and a Trigger Sprayer.
    • Protective coating designed for vehicle underbodies

    Regular Injector Kit:

    Lanoguard Underbody Rust Protection Kits - Lanoguard
    • Suitable protection for standard vehicles such as road cars and pickup trucks.
    • Includes 2L of Moto Spray, 600ml of Moto Grease, Trigger Sprayer, 360 Injector Wand & Accessory Pack.
    • Protective coating designed for vehicle underbodies

    Large Kit:

    Lanoguard Underbody Rust Protection Kits - Lanoguard
    • Suitable protection for standard vehicles such as road cars and pickup trucks.
    • Includes 4L (2L x 2L )of Moto Spray, 600ml of Moto Grease, and a Trigger Sprayer.
    • Protective coating designed for vehicle underbodies

    Large Injector Kit:

    Lanoguard Underbody Rust Protection Kits - Lanoguard
    • Suitable protection for standard vehicles such as road cars and pickup trucks.
    • Includes 4L (2L x 2L) of Moto Spray, 600ml of Moto Grease, a Trigger Sprayer, 360 Injector Wand & Accessory Pack.
    • Protective coating designed for vehicle underbodies

    Preparation Needed For Lanoguard

    Lanoguard is easy to apply and requires only a minimal amount of preparation.

    Please see our How to Apply Lanoguard page on our website. Here you will find a step-by-step guide to applying Lanoguard, with video demonstrations and some tips too.

    If you have any questions, please do give us an email ( or phone us (0330 100 1959).

    Lanoguard Compared To Conventional Rust Proofing Products 

    Here’s a list of what makes Lanoguard different and easier to work with than conventional treatments. I hope this helps explain it more. 


    It’s quite different to other products. For example, is much thinner, so easier to apply, very much less of a messy job to do and made from very different core products. Lanoguard has a natural product base which is then enhanced. Which makes it quite different and affords features such as Hermetic sealing and Jet wash proof and non-conductivity. 


    How it compares is probably best explained as a review of the key features of Lanoguard. 


    Lanoguard's Features And Benefits To Protect Your Car's Underbody

    These key features and benefits, in short are: 


    • It takes 15 to 30 mins to apply 
    • Can’t be jet washed off 
    • Resists salt, acid and alkaline 
    • Can be applied to surface rust (which is not loose) 
    • Doesn’t perish rubber - so no masking up needed 
    • It’s a clear coat, so you can see clearly that rust is not forming  
    • It cannot trap moisture when applying nor after it’s applied - which is a known concern for many conventional treatments 
    • A little goes a very long way 
    • It has a nice semi-matt finish 
    • Sticks tenaciously to anything and doesn’t require a key 
    • Heat resistant to 450 degrees C 
    • Isn’t transient at normal temperatures 
    • Can be applied with very low prep work 
    • Can be applied with very little clean up mess 
    • One simple coat which goes on in a way which others don’t and can’t 
    • Creeps brilliantly 
    • Is nonconductive so stops all galvanic corrosion 


    Overall, it will save a users a lot of time, mess and hassle when comparing to conventional experience or products. 


    We’re a small family business who make it from scratch in the UK with all UK sourced products. We pride ourselves on our expert product knowledge and excellent customer service. 


    It’s also Environmentally friendlier, we make the base from as much bio and sustainable resources as we can. We are aiming towards making it from 100% bio, renewable and sustainable resources as part of our mission. We also work to reduce our supply chain carbon footprint as part of overall ethos as we grow. 


    For reassurance and real-world user’s views, why not visit our Lanoguard User Group (on Facebook). It has 19,000 plus members and has a great source of information. 


    Why Lanoguard For Vehicle Underbody Protection? 

    If you're looking for a reliable and effective way to protect your vehicle from rust, Lanoguard could be the solution for you. Lanoguard is a specially formulated rust protection product and lubricant that has been designed to provide long-lasting protection against rust no matter the weather. 
    One of the key benefits of Lanoguard is its ability to penetrate deep into the metal, providing a barrier against moisture and other corrosive elements that can cause rust. This makes it an ideal choice for protecting vehicles that are frequently exposed to harsh environments, such as those used for off-roading, or driving in road salt. 
    Lanoguard is also very versatile, making it appropriate for use on a variety of cars, trucks, boats, aeroplanes, and heavy machinery. It is simple to apply and can be used on both new and older cars, it helps maintain its structural integrity, extends the longevity of your vehicle and reduces expensive rust repairs needed. 


    What Do Our Customers Say About Lanoguard? 

    Our customers have praised our products for their long-lasting protection against rust, corrosion, and other environmental factors. They also appreciate the ease of application and how our products are environmentally friendly. Visit our review page that's updated daily to see how other users are finding Lanoguard.  

    We recommend taking a look at our Facebook User Group who have tried and tested Lanoguard, sharing their experiences, posting photos, tips, and ideas in the community. Members discuss various applications and uses they've found for Lanoguard and offer advice to new users who are trying it for the first time. 

    JKoverland who are off road enthusiasts have found Lanoguard to be a valuable product for protecting their vehicles against rust. They have been using it for more than 5 years and highly recommend it to others who are looking for a reliable and cost-effective rust protection solution. You can check out their Instagram Page and their YouTube Channel for more information and to see how they use Lanoguard in their own projects. 


    What's The Shelf Life Of Lanoguard? 

    When it comes to the shelf life of Lanoguard, it is recommended that it is used within 12 months of purchase. 

    It is important to store Lanoguard in a dark place that is out of the way of ultraviolet light. If you have not used your Lanoguard for a while, you will need to shake it well prior to use.  


    Colour Of Lanoguard 

    Lanoguard is almost transparent. Some images may give the impression that Lanoguard is black but this because of the colour of the components that Lanoguard is applied too.  


    Lanoguard will enhance the surface that it is applied to and make it look temporarily shiny, then cure to a semi mat looking finish. It will dull down vibrancy of rusted surfaces and turn them darker over time too, making rusted surfaces look more aesthetically pleasing. 


    What Does Lanoguard Look Like Over Time? 

    To help give you an idea of what Lanoguard looks like over time, we've created some clips that show the product at various intervals after it's been applied.  

    Day 0 - It has an oily feel, it is almost clear when applied. 

    Day 3 - A soft feel and is still almost clear.   

    Day 7 to 10 - In its final state, it has a candle like feel or texture.  

    After 10 Days - It dries to a clear / transparent semi satin wet look, enhancing the colour under it. Slightly dulling over time but stays transparent. When applied over surface rust, Lanoguard will darken areas of rust and reduce the vibrancy too.  

    Here's Life's Projects first application with Lanoguard, his thoughts and comparison to other conventional rust products: 

    This is what his Land Rover Defender looks like after 10 months of Lanoguard: 

    Applying Lanoguard On Surface Rust 

    Lanoguard is great for chassis with surface rust. It has a natural affinity to ferrous metals when they are oxidised too and will bond to the metal underneath any surface rust, it acts as a barrier by hermetically sealing to the surface keeping oxygen and water out stopping any rust from developing further. It will also darken the surface and push off the dusty oxidation which in turn makes the surface more aesthetically pleasing. 


    Is Your Vehicle Heavily Rusted? – Lanoguard's 2 Step Approach

    If you're dealing with heavily rusted areas, we recommend this two-step treatment approach, and for areas that are particularly vulnerable to rust.

    Step One: Spray the Whole Underbody

    To begin with apply a thin layer of the moto grease on the heavier rusted areas. Then spray the moto spray directly over these areas and the rest of underbody.  The product will bond to the surface, penetrate and seep underneath the surface rust. Over time, it will push off the worst of the oxidation and make the surface more stable. While it won't remove the rust entirely, this process will improve the condition of the surface and make it more manageable.

    Step Two: Leave it for 4 Weeks and Jet Wash

    After spraying the underbody, leave it for 4 weeks to allow the product to seep and push off the worst of the oxidation. Give it a close-up jet wash to remove any loose bits of rust, then repeat step one to complete the process.

    Lanoguard works best when applied to a stable surface. This two-step application process will further seal the area applied and make it more stable, allowing the product to bond more effectively.


    What Is Moto Grease? 

    Moto Grease is an industrial-grade solution for rust prevention and lubrication. It provides long-lasting protection and maintenance for machinery and vehicles operating in harsh environments. Multihog, a leading manufacturer of multi-purpose vehicles, uses Lanoguard Moto Grease on every nut, bolt, and pin during assembly to ensure their vehicles remain operational in harsh environments.


    How to Apply Lanoguard Moto Grease 

    Applying Moto Grease is easy and convenient. It can be applied using fingers, brushes, or cloths. Warming up the grease before application can make it easier to spread. It is recommended to apply Moto Grease to particularly vulnerable areas or prone to rusting, corrosion and seizing up. Also, it's great for weld seams, nuts, bolts, pins, sharp edges, threads, shock absorbers, chains, leaf springs. 


    Can I Use A Rust Converter Prior To Lanoguarding My Vehicle 

    Yes. Some of our users choose to use a rust convertor (usually for aesthetic reasons because it will turn rust bluey black).  

    However, you do not need to use a rust convertor before applying Lanoguard, as it will stop rust furthering by suffocating it and excluding oxygen and water (which are both needed to enable rust to form). 

    If you do choose to use a converter it must be fully cured before applying Lanoguard. 


    Can You Apply Lanoguard  Over Existing  Underseal? 

    Lanoguard is generally inert and doesn’t disturb any existing coatings on your vehicle. All that said, it is important to ensure that any existing coating is stable, adhered well and isn't cracked.  

    If the surface you apply Lanoguard too is any of these things, then it is possible that parts /chips/bits of the existing surface coating could come off taking the Lanoguard with it. It is advisable to ensure it is sound first and once applied, a month later, check that the surface is still solid, and nothing is exposed. If you notice any spots where you missed or where existing old coating has come away, then you can simply spray over that area again. 

    Different Sprayers For Different Needs 

    Lanoguard offers several sprayers for different needs, Our Trigger Sprayer, The 1L Professional Sprayer, The Pro2 Pressure Sprayer and 10L Pressure Sprayer. 

    comes standard with all our Kits - It has fully adjustable spray/atomising ability for even coverage and to reach harder to reach places. It gives you the best coverage for the least product. Importantly, these sprayers were also designed to be able to apply just as well at a 90-degree angle to ensure they are fit for underbody protection use.


    Lanoguard Professional 1L Sprayer
    has been engineered to offer versatility, effortless usage, and a superior high-quality finish. Our grab and go bottle is great to hang up in the garage and perfect for topping up in the future. This product ensures a smooth and efficient coating. It's built to last, so you can keep using it for a long time. Just refill it with our spray refills, and you'll save money every time!



    Pro2 Pressure Sprayer With 360 Injector Wand
    is ideal for larger areas, such as the underbody of your vehicle and designed to provide the best level of atomisation for Lanoguard. It's easy to cover a lot of ground quickly and it also includes a 360 injector wand which is 1m long. This pressure sprayer system and its accessories combine together to make it work perfectly with Lanoguard spray products. It's designed to be user-friendly and minimise product waste.



    10L Stainless Steel Pressure Sprayer
    is a professional-grade tool designed for easy and even coverage on larger areas or multiple vehicles. The sprayer has undergone extensive testing to ensure it works well with Lanoguard Moto & Marine spray products, making it a valuable part of any maintenance and protection kit. This product has dual options for pressurising (hand pump or air compressor).

    How The 360 Injector Wand Works 

    The 360 Injector Wand is a unique tool that makes applying Lanoguard to hard to reach areas, box sections and inner chassis easier. The wand is designed to fit our standard Trigger Sprayer and it gives an even spray coverage into those internal hard to reach areas.

    Safe to Apply And Areas To Avoid 

    Lanoguard is safe to use on rubbers, plastics, metals, electrics, and circuit boards without any issue. It is jet-wash resistant up to 3000psi, non-perishing, non-conductive up to 70,000 volts, non-flammable and heat resistant up to 450 degrees. Therefore, you can spray the complete underbody of your vehicle even the exhaust. The only areas to avoid are the brakes, brake discs and if applying to the engine bay avoid the fan belt. 


    When Do I Need To Reapply Lanoguard? 

    Lanoguard is a natural product which is broken down by exposure to ultraviolet light and oxygen within the air. This means that in general a yearly top up is required due to the degradation that will occur. Remember too that the environment your underbody is exposed to is very harsh with lots of water, stones, gravel, salt and the likes being thrown at it and attacking it. So, a regular check of your underbody is a good approach. 


    For us it's just part of your regular routine car maintenance plan, we have made it as easy as possible to apply and reapply Lanoguard as part of that process. Remember, when applying Lanoguard for a second time, it can be applied new coat on old coat, so it is very easy to do.   

    Want Lanoguard Applied For You? 

    Whilst Lanoguard is an easy DIY application, we understand that some people would like it applied for them. Here is a link to our Application Centre Map, showing the locations and contact details of the garages that we know will apply Lanoguard for you. 

    If there aren't any applicators close to you - you can put us in touch with your trusted local garage and we'll see what can be done to arrange an application for you. 


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