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VW T2 Camper

Used Lanoguard for the first time today 2nd July easy to apply quick gets into all the spaces, great coverage. Thanks and would recommend.


The product was all ok but the pump that was supplied useless but they did send replacement but I ended up using my own in the end

It's ok

Not blown away like i thought i would be.
Used on a 6 year old Fiat 500 and marginally improved the look underneath.

Very Happy

We have sent you a very positive feedback 10 days ago. Very pleased , fantastic product- very easy to apply. Thanks for your efficient service.
Mike and Elizabeth Laity

easy to apply but with issues

easy to apply but i had issues with the hand spray, kept semi blocking, in the end used a compressor and spray gun to apply, a little does go a long way, 5ltr with hand spray was purchased to do the underneath of a mitzi L200 and having done so theres just under half left, i was going to purchase the wand for inside the chassis legs but with how the hand sprays behaved i wonder if that wont have the same issue, always been a waxoyl fanatic but compared this if it lasts as well could be the better and easier option, time will tell on this and i have a fair bit left as above to recover any parts that may need it at a later date, another less mentioned good part is around wiring and connections, it looks to create a seal but without the overcovering the likes of waxoyl does and has the added bonus using it does not obliterate the likes of my diff fill and drain bolts

Lanoguard Application

The pump failed to work, had to decant into spray bottle.



Great product and easy to apply!

So far so good

Hi, I’m with Pete H below…. Easy to apply (much better than waxoyl). I’ve done my classic and just done the Mrs Fiesta, so ordering some more for next car! We will see how good after a winter on the roads. Thx

Easy to use

Easy to use kit, thin enough to spray in the smallest areas especially with the extension for doing the inside or sills and box section.

Initial use

I had advisory warnings for underbody corrosion at the last MOT for my 2003 Lexus is300 which I love dearly. Having seen the Lanoguard system reviews I have just had the underneath of the car derusted and treated with Lanoguard as per the instructions provided. These were easy to understand and the sprayer provided with the kit worked well. Initially I was surprised how “thin” the liquid seemed to be but, having waited the recommended 24 hours it has now formed a sticky covering over all the treated areas. I plan to have the underneath of the car inspected at its next MOT in May 2023 which will then show how well the Lanoguard protection has worked. I will then have it retreated. Initial impressions are very good and I intend to use the treatment on my other cars as I have plenty of liquid left over.

Fantastic product, does what it says on the tin, I done the whole underside and arches of my car. Says a little goes along way, it really does only used a third. Got enough left to do two other cars.
Great product will buy again.

Seems ok.

Only just put it on. Went on easily. Time will tell how effective it is. Sadly everyone today wants a quick review. On an item like this its impossible.

Great product

Great product, easy to use and really pleased with the results, will buy again definitely

Messy but hopefully worth it

I have a 12 year old Hilux. I need it to last another 12 years [a big ask]. The underside is probably a 7/10 for its age. Plenty of surface rust, but the chassis is solid. I felt the prep was important so I got the Hulux up on a friends ramp and spent 6 miserable hours with an angle grinder and wire brush on a drill removing as much rust as possible. To be honest its the sort of job you could just keep working at for days. I then blasted it with a high pressure air hose. I they used the special attachment / sprayer to get as much Lanoguard as possible into the box sections. I used the thick Lanoguard grease on the axil, springs and cills. Then the spray on everything in sight. Its goes on really well and soaks into everything - and as its a spray it reaches all those impossible to reach parts. I was covered in the stuff by the end! I did this 2 weeks ago, so I can't vouch for the long term effect - but to date very impressed. I also really appreciate the environmental properties and responsibility of Lanoguard. Totally recommend.

Landrover defender complete chassis inside and out treated

Excellent quality stuff, I previously treated my landrover with wax oil which was messy and trapped moisture underneath, lanoguard was so easy to apply and clean, rather than covering the rust it soaks into it preventing moisture from penatrating the rust. Will definitely use again.

Great Job

After deciding which product to use I chose Lanoguard and with pleased with the relative easiness of preparation and administration. I will definitely be using it again.


Absolutely outstanding product will always use it thank you

Great Product, converted an old school waxoil user

Great to use , flows incredibly well into all the corners and crevices that waxoil would have difficulty with and the supplied trigger gun works superbly as the Lanoguard is so fluid . No issues with the gun blocking up . Time will tell how effective it is but so easy to use I will re apply yearly .

Nice and Simple

Nice and easy to apply with little or no prep.


Used it on my sprinter van and a classic van I have , it’s perfect easy to use and does a good job

Easy to use

I have cleaned and than removed surface corrosion spots on my Ford Ranger's frame with a metal brush. Applied reactive chemicals on certain spots to convert rust. Can sprayed paint on these spots. After which I have used Lanoguard to create protective coating for another year. Pretty satisfied how easy it is to apply it. It has taken entire bottle for my frame but I have injected a lot of it inside the frame.

This is my second purchase and have done a Ford ranger over a year ago and still looks rust free underneath.Have done my Mondeo and Yaris and the product is spot on!

Great product

Product was easy applied and has made my Navara look better than when i bought it new.

Great company and product

Easy to use great coverage would recommend this product to anyone looking to protect their vehicle. Great to support a small company and liked the personal touch contacting me to check everything was ok.