Lanoguard 360° Injector Wand for inner sills and box sections - Lanoguard

Lanoguard 360° Injector Wand for inner sills and box sections

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  • 360° Injector Wand for inner sills and box sections

For use with the Professional Sprayer Only and 2L and 5L Bottles with Trigger

Customer Reviews

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Completed my VW van in under 2 hours

Very impressed and so easy to use much better than well known wax oil applications

Great product and great customer support

I bought this to protect my 2014 Defender, easy to use and quick to apply. Had an issue with air bubbles in the line but Mark talked me through a few ideas and resolved the issue (removed the gauze from the end of the tube)

Application Revelation

I've only just applied this so I can't speak to the rust proofing capabilities yet but . . . good grief applying this stuff is easy. An hour to fully undercoat a Land Cruiser 120 moving VERY slowly and carefully!?! I've used other rust proofers in the past and applying them is, at best, an ordeal. I really hope Lanoguard is as good as suspect it will be. I'll take some photos now and in 12 months and keep my fingers crossed.

camper undercoat with sheep topcoat

Hi , well pleased with the clean application , lookes very good no mess . Square wheeled at the minute until the 12th so as yet it has been cold and dry so will see when we get a good dowpour and we are on the road. Struggled getting a mist with the wand ? gun misted though and application was good but was happy the sills got a good drenching with the wand .So happy at the minute.Used all the 2litre but went over the wheel arches twice
Kath and John

Great product

Used this product on my Rover P4 1964.
Easy to use and the wand is great to get into those difficult box sections and any other tricky to reach parts.