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Here at Lanoguard we offer trade and bulk buy options aimed at giving great value for businesses and additional revenue opportunities for tradespeople - be it mechanics, valeters, detailers, marine engineers, landscapers or ANY industry which requires upkeep of vehicles or machinery.

Find out below all about our simple, effective approach to corrosion prevention which can benefit you and your customers. Upsell your service, increase job value, maintain your equipment and save time, money and hassle.

What is Lanoguard?

Lanoguard is a versatile corrosion/rust prevention and waterproofing spray and grease product with a range of features making it perfectly suited to protecting vehicles, boats and machinery easily and with very limited prep, minimal time and no mess created.

Tried and tested in marine and industrial settings, our products are simple to use yet very effective at their job. They can be used by the trade to upsell and offer a rust prevention service to customers – bringing more revenue to you without the prep time, heavy equipment, heavy PPE and clean-up time that comes with conventional rust proofing products. They can also be used anywhere a regular grease or spray lubricant would be used to waterproof, protect from corrosion and provide anti-seize.

The nature of our products means that, on a cleaned surface, the products simply need to be sprayed on – that’s it. Lanoguard can be applied over surface rust, rubber, plastic and metals alike. This gives the product a very quick application time, with little-to-no training required. They’re also silicone-free products and so are body shop friendly too.



What we offer

  • Upsell on your services with a simple rust-proofing treatment
  • Protect and maintain your vehicle fleets and machinery
  • Tried and tested products
  • A range of application tools available to you at great value
  • Good cost savings with our bulk buy options

We offer a variety of bulk-buy options to allow you to stock up on Lanoguard products and protect larger vehicles or whole fleets. 

See here how Mike from Mike's Auto Care explains why and how his detailing business uses Lanoguard. Read his case study here too.

How Lanoguard Works

Lanoguard has been formulated from a lanolin base – which gives it three key properties:

  1. It hermetically seals to the surface it sits on (provides a barrier between the surface and the environment which displaces all oxygen and moisture, making rust chemically impossible).
  2. It has a natural attraction to metals (it can be sprayed onto existing rust, as it will attract to the metal underneath and slowly push off the oxidation over time.
  3. It doesn’t require a keyed surface (most conventional products require a ‘keyed’ heavily prepped and de-rusted surface. Lanoguard requires minimal prep because lanolin will happily sit on top of existing rust).

See an article we wrote comparing our lanolin base to conventional rust proof bases here.

These properties work together to bring the benefits of Lanoguard. Our products are:

  • Jet wash resistant (up to 3000psi)
  • Heat resistant up to 450°C (use on exhaust, engine etc.)
  • Non-evaporating
  • Non-conductive to 70,000 volts
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-perishing (they can be used on rubbers and plastics, meaning no masking up is required)
  • Petrol and diesel resistant
  • Natural (non-harmful to the applicator with minimal PPE needed)
  • Non-petroleum based with no overspray (low mess, low clean-up, clean workshop!)

Our products can be used anywhere a regular grease or spray lubricant would be used to waterproof, protect from corrosion and provide anti-seize with a formula that will stay in place doing its job far longer because it doesn’t evaporate like conventional petroleum lubricants. They products are also silicone-free and so are body shop friendly too.



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