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Lanoguard Marine Grease

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A long lasting eco-friendly premium marine waterproof grease made in the UK and used for anti-corrosion, anti-seize & lubrication. It does not dry out or evaporate! 

Lanoguard Marine Grease - It works by providing a protective waterproof coating which stops dead electrolysis, salt, acid and alkaline. It will not perish any rubbers or plastics either and in fact will nourish them! And it’s marine ecology friendly too. 

Lanoguard Marine Grease has a unique set of properties because it is a natural product. These features mean that Lanoguard Marine Grease is a superior grease for all kinds of corrosion protection, waterproofing, electrical and lubrication applications.

  • Protects: It prevents rust, verdigris and electrolysis, it provides a highly effective barrier against corrosion and protects against UV too
  • Waterproofs: Once applied it provides an instant waterproof barrier, which adheres tenaciously, yet it can be easily removed when desired
  • Lubricates: Over time it will slowly seep underneath surface rust and push off oxidation
  • Stays: It won't be displaced by salt water in stormy weather, it won't evaporate nor will it be displaced by a jet wash!
Original price £26.99 - Original price £149.99
Original price
£26.99 - £149.99
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Original price £26.99 - Original price £149.99
Original price
£26.99 - £149.99
Current price £26.99

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Trusted by JCB, Environment Agency, Multihog and National Trust
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The Lanoguard features are: 

  • Natural and much, much longer lasting
  • Salt, Acid and Alkaline resistant
  • Waterproof (instantly waterproof anything)
  • Jet wash resistant to 3000 psi or 200 bar (won't be displaced and will keep protecting after cleaning)
  • Petroleum resistant (so petrol or diesel spillage or leakage won't displace it nor mix with it)
  • Non-conductive to 70,000 volts (use on all electrics and circuit boards)
  • Prevents electrolysis (no more seized nuts and bolts or outboard motor legs!)
  • Non-evaporative (won't dry out like normal grease leaving un-lubricated or protected parts)
  • Heat resistant to 450 degrees Celsius
  • Adheres to all surfaces
  • Non-leaching (won't spread to other adjoining surfaces and material)
  • Non perishing (safe to use on all rubbers etc)
  • Lubricating (amazingly low friction coefficients)
  • Very low friction coefficient
  • Ecologically sound (can be used safely in marine environments)

Lanoguard Marine Grease provides superior and powerful, long lasting, natural protection against electrolysis and corrosion whilst being safe and Marine ecology friendly too. Designed for boats and any vehicles or machines exposed to wet & salty environments, Lanoguard Marine significantly reduces the need to repair or replace parts and other materials in and around your boat and marine life.

Some of the areas Lanoguard’s Marine products can help protect against the elements include:

  • Outboard motors including electrics
  • Inboard motors including spraying over all electrics
  • Propellers and Prop shafts
  • Boats and chandlery
  • Yacht rigging, sliders and pulleys
  • Whole boat trailers
  • Winches and Cranes
  • Canopies
  • Boat Upholstery
  • Galley equipment
  • Fishing Rods & Reels servicing
  • Tackle
  • Anchor chain stacking and compartment area
  • Tools
  • All Electrics including circuit boards

Lanoguard Marine Grease comes in the following size units: 600ml and 5L


Click here to find out how to apply to Lanoguard - you'll also find product-specific user guides as well as FAQs and troubleshooting.

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