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Lanoguard Moto Grease / Trade Refills

Here you can purchase our Moto Grease in a bulk buy quantity for trade/commercial use, or simply to stock up.

Lanoguard Moto Grease is a super concentrate version of our Moto Spray, perfect for protecting prone, highly vulnerable, and high impact areas. It provides a thick heavy-duty protection, waterproofing, and industrial-grade anti-seize. 

Used industrially to protect vehicles, and keep machinery serviceable and free of corrosion and seizing-up. Lanoguard Moto Grease is ideally used heated and brushed on to any prone areas, such as:

  • Shock absorbers
  • Leaf springs
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Welded parts
  • Highly corroded/rusted parts
  • Pins and parts needing frequent removal/replacement

Our greases are non-evaporative, so they won't dry out and won't leave parts unlubricated. They can be used wherever you'd usually use a petroleum grease, and you'll no doubt find they're extremely versatile and you'll come up with a million more uses for the grease products. 

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Original price £97.49 - Original price £97.49
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Lanoguard Moto Grease has some key features which really set it apart:

  • Natural and very long lasting
  • Salt, acid, and alkaline resistant
  • Jet wash resistant to 3000psi
  • Non conductive to 70kV (use on all electrics and circuit boards)
  • Completely prevents corrosion and cold welding
  • Stops all electrolysis and seizing up
  • Non-evaporative (it won't dry out like a regular grease)
  • Heat resistant to 450 degrees Celsius (use on exhausts, engine bay etc. with no problem)
  • Non perishing (use it on rubbers and plastics, it won't harm them)
  • Highly lubricating
  • Non-petroleum based and ecologically friendly

Click here to find out all about our Moto Grease.

Watch the below video where we treat a VW T5 camper with Lanoguard and use the grease to give added protection: