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Protecting Your Inner Chassis with Lanoguard: Our 360 Injector Wands

Protecting a vehicle’s underbody is important to stop rust and maintain the structural integrity of the chassis, keeping it fit for MOTs and keeping the welding bills down! This process is not just about protecting exposed parts, though. There are many areas of a vehicle underbody and inner chassis where moisture can gather and sit, speeding up the oxidation (rusting) process and all out of view. Protecting inside box sections, sills, and any hard-to-reach areas stops this – and there are many advantages of using Lanoguard products to do so.


Lanoguard is a very easy to apply coating, and internal application is no different. Our Moto Spray will provide a complete hermetic seal on the metal surface which displaces moisture and oxygen and stops existing rust dead whilst preventing new rust. Prior to treatment it’s best to give your vehicle a good thorough clean (a close-up jet wash is best) but we understand it’s no easy feat to fully clean inside hard to reach areas. Not to worry, Lanoguard will chemically bond to the surface and has a natural attraction to the metal – it drives out moisture and over time can push any salt or grit away from the surface too.

Another key benefit to using Lanoguard inside box sections and sills is that, outside of UV, it will last even longer. For exposed parts of the underbody it is best to top up spray after 12 months to ensure continuous protection, but inside the inner chassis Lanoguard will last much longer and you’ll only need to give these areas a top up every other year. The ease of use, lasting nature, and heavy duty industrial-grade protection our products offer make them a must for keeping your underbody structurally sound, inside and out.


Internal application and protection is made very easy with our range of injector wands and sprayers, providing 360° misting to ensure coverage in those out-of-sight areas. Our 360 Injector wand it’s high quality, built to last, and fits our trigger sprayer. The 360 Injector Wand is sold with our Regular Injector Kit, Large Injector Kit and our 360 Injector Pack.

We also can provide a 2L manual pressure sprayer set and a 10L stainless steel pressure sprayer set, which both come as standard with different misting nozzles and an injection wand. These are perfect for high-speed and high-pressure injection of the products, and can be ideal for trade and industrial application for protecting larger vehicles or full fleets.

We’re always looking to improve and add to our sprayer and accessory range – taking on board customer feedback and making the Lanoguard experience just that little bit better every time. If you use our injector wands or pressure sprayer kits, be sure to keep in touch and let us know how you find them. Any questions or queries, or just for a chat – don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team on +44 (0) 330 100 1959 or send us an email on


See below a demonstration of our 360 Injector Wand:


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