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Protect Your Mitsubishi From Rust, While You Can…

We’ve heard that Mitsubishi Motors have now stopped all new car sales to the UK and will only be offering an after-sales service, very sad news for Mitsubishi lovers across the country. Our original ‘Lanoguard Truck’ was in fact an L200, and Mark (our founder) still owns and drives his Outlander Hybrid vehicle every day. It’s a shame to hear this news, and means that if you do own a Mitsubishi and want to keep it in good condition and preserve its value, now is as good a time as any to protect it from the elements and from rust – something our products makes easy to do.

If You Love Your Mitsubishi - Lanoguard It.

Lanoguard is a very easy to apply, user friendly, natural rustproofing product. Our kits give you everything you need for low prep, minimal mess DIY spray application – a super simple way to provide your vehicle with an effective barrier coat, stopping all rust dead and preventing new rust from forming. In short, Lanoguard’s Underbody Care Range works by displacing all moisture and oxygen and completely sealing the surface and protecting against all salt, grit and moisture.

Due to this complete hermetic seal, and the fact that Lanoguard chemically bonds to the metal surface, our products can be used without worry on both new vehicles and older vehicles with existing rust. We have many Mitsubishi owners in our Facebook Users Group including Shogun, Pajero, L200, Outlander and Evo owners. If you’d like to make sure your Mitsubishi stands the test of time and is well maintained, we’re sure that Lanoguard is a great solution for you. Have a look at our blog here which explains why the products are very well suited to winter underbody protection, and how they work to keep your underbody safe from corrosion.

Why Lanoguard?

  • Easy to use, user friendly DIY products - Our kits give you everything you need to protect your Mitsubishi from rust with a simple spray application. The products can be used on the whole underbody, just avoid brakes and fan belts – everything else is fine!
  • Very low prep, minimal mess - No masking up is needed, and Lanoguard can be applied straight over stable surface rust and over past treatments/underseal too. Being non-petroleum based, Lanoguard is also very clean to use and not messy, and can be sprayed onto rubbers and plastics without problem. In fact, Lanoguard will actually nourish rubbers and protect them against UV degradation.
  • A lasting coating protecting against all rust and corrosion - Lanoguard provides a lasting barrier coat, which is jet wash proof, road spray proof, and stays in place doing its job protecting against all salt, acid, and alkaline. The products won't evaporate, and are also non-conductive and non-flammable.
  • Trusted by thousands of vehicle owners - Our Facebook User Group has 6,000 members and counting – including many Mitsubishi owners who know and love our products.
  • Heavy duty, industrial-grade protection - Our background is in heavy industry, including airports, seaports, marine, construction and green-tech. Be rest assured our products are designed for protecting vehicles in the harshest of conditions.
  • Natural formulas - Lanoguard is non-harmful, completely safe to use, and derived from a base of natural lanolin and other natural oils – which we’ve enhanced to be perfectly suited for underbody care.
  • Completely made in the UK by our small family business - We’re a Sussex-based small family business. We manufacture our own products with the highest quality raw materials, all sourced within the UK. Our friendly team is also here to help you and give you the guidance and support you need to keep your Mitsubishi rust-free.

See below a video of us treating Mark's Mitsubishi L200... only 9 months old and already showing signs of rust.


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