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How Lanoguard Keeps Multihog® Airport Vehicles Operating in the Harshest of Environments

Multihog is an industrial customer of Lanoguard and our sister company Asset Protector and have been for several years, they use our corrosion prevention and anti-seize greases and lubricants to protect their iconic multi-purpose and industry leading tractors. Read on to find out more about this interesting company, and why they use Lanoguard.

Industrially Respected Multi-Use Tractors

Multihog design and produce a range of industrial tractors which are versatile and serve a multitude of uses due to their compact size and heavily interchangeable attachments. Their vehicles are used by some of the world’s busiest airports, local authorities, and contractors for a vast array of operational needs including snow ploughing, de-icing, street cleaning, lawn mowing – the list is near endless! DHL, Gatwick Airport, Birmingham Airport and Edinburgh Airport are just a small collection of the many major companies making use of them.

What do Multihog use Lanoguard for?

The harsh and often chemical conditions these vehicles are used in mean that our products serve an ideal purpose in protecting and maintaining them not just for aesthetics but also for function. These tractors frequently operate in salty and highly corrosive environments, in which components can very quickly seize up. The nature of their job means that these tractors require quick and easy swapping and replacing of worn-down brushes and attachments to ensure smooth operations. Multihog use Lanoguard products on their highly prone parts to prevent seizing-up and to allow for efficient replacement when needed. Our heavy-duty greases and sprays keep these vehicles protected and running as they should be.

So harsh are the operating conditions of these vehicles, that Multihog put all components through intense salt spray testing. As shown in the video below, they tested our grease on one of their attachment shafts. After 1200 hours of salt spraying, well beyond the operating conditions of the tractors, Lanoguard grease passed with flying colours and proved its ability to keep the key components unseized and ready to go. See the attached photo which shows the extent to which these components can corrode in their harsh operating environment.

Machine Downtime: A Killer for Efficient Operations

Industrial vehicles and machinery, including Multihog tractors, are often valuable assets which play absolutely critical roles in the efficient running of an operation. In airports for example, machine downtime can cause lengthy delays or even prolonged closure of an airfield. Minor technical failures can lead to a costly impact which affects airlines, air traffic control, passengers, and an abundance of third parties and other stakeholders. In industrial settings which encounter frequent poor weather or chemical environments, it is paramount that the cogs keep turning and all vehicles are working as they’re designed and tested to. In the case of Multihog and the frequent seizing-up of attachments, Lanoguard is such a simple yet such an effective fix which keeps everything operating smoothly.

We’re proud of these fascinating industrial uses of our products. They show that even in the harshest of environments, vehicles and machinery can be well protected and maintained. We continue to work with Multihog and other industrial partners to protect vital equipment from costly corrosion and seizing up

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