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Lanoguard Moto Grease: Our Super Concentrate Rust-Proofing Product

Lanoguard Moto Grease is a versatile and multi-purpose weatherproofing and anti-seize grease-like product... But what exactly is it useful for, and how can it be used to it's full potential? 

Corrosion prevention can often be a difficult and time consuming task - and so our product range is designed to empower the DIY user to treat their vehicles and machinery with minimal time required. Moto Grease is a big part of this process, though we are asked regularly what the product is and why it's actually included. Let's clear it up!

The grease is a "super concentrate". It's a thicker version of our signature Moto Spray - and therefore provides a heavier duty coating. This makes it ideal for areas needing a high protection and even more care - whether they're very rust-prone areas or areas vulnerable to seizing up.

When we apply to our own vehicles, we love to apply the grease to leaf springs, shock absorbers, welded sections and also to nuts and bolts to lubricate and protect them from corrosion, and to make them far easier to unscrew and replace if required in the future.

When applying to older vehicles with patches of built-up existing surface rust, we also like to apply the grease over these patches just to give a more robust barrier. When used alongside the Moto Spray, the grease provides a thicker coating but the spray provides a more seeping and creeping protection - so they really work in tandem to give a live, active protection for your trucks, cars and machines.

But what's the best way to apply Moto Grease? The best option is to melt it down in a pot of hot water, and "brush" it on to these vulnerable areas with a paint brush. It goes on very easily and quickly starts to dry. Initially leaving an off-white coating, but curing to be clear and satin matte. 

The spray and grease are also mixable. You can tinker with them, changing blends to fit your needs. The grease can be added to the spray to thicken it up slightly, and the spray can be added to the grease too to thin it down and pair the benefits of both products together nicely. We like to apply a "thinned down" grease to leaf springs because it allows it to seep and creep really well into the nooks and crannies of them. 

As with all Lanoguard products, the grease has a wide range of very beneficial properties and features. It's jet-wash and road-spray resistant. You can easily clean your vehicles, removing dust and grime, whilst keeping the protection firmly in place. It's also non-conductive, non-flammable, non-perishing and non-leaching. There's a very long list of things Lanoguard is resistant too. This makes it more versatile, and allows it to adhere tenaciously to surfaces. The properties mentioned for example mean that Lanoguard Moto Grease can be used on electrical components, on exhausts and engine bays, and on all plastics and rubbers without damaging them. They'll infact be nourished by our products.

This all boils down to the real benefits to the end user: very low prep, easy application and minimal mess to clean up after. These are the benefits that set Lanoguard apart and make it a great way to empower the DIY user and care for vehicles with ease.


Want to know more about Lanoguard Moto Grease? Check out the product page below. Or get in touch and we're always here to answer any queries, questions or new suggestions you may have about the product.


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