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How Mike’s Auto Care Use Lanoguard in Their Detailing Business

Mike's Auto Care is a family run detailing and valeting centre in the Shropshire countryside – the heart of 4x4 country. They’re now a Lanoguard trade customer and application centre, they use our products for their new under chassis clean and protect service. We spoke to Mike to find out more about what his business offers, and how Lanoguard benefits him and his clients.


As well as offering high quality ceramic coatings, interior and exterior valeting, full detailing and prep for sale service – Mike's Auto Care also offer a full underbody protection service too. Their ethos is ‘protect the WHOLE vehicle, because why wouldn’t you?’. Their service comes with full steam cleans and soap washes, and their facilities and equipment allow them to use their ramps for close inspection of the underside of vehicles.

They use our Moto Spray and Moto Grease to give the vehicles a good coating and protection, hermetically sealing the surface – which displaces all moisture and oxygen, provides a barrier coat on the surface, and stops rust dead whilst protecting against all salt, acid, and alkaline. They keep vehicles overnight to ensure the protection is sound and cured, and Mike himself (an expert detailer with over 10 years’ experience in the field) personally signs off every vehicle.

Our 20L jerry cans of Moto Spray give Mike the higher quantity bulk-buy option he needs to ensure he has all the product read to do the job, at the best value. To us, Mike’s underbody service really is the icing on the cake and means his customers can be rest assured their whole vehicle is cared for.


Mike's Auto Care choose Lanoguard products for several key reasons, which make them ideal for detailing and trade use. Mike is a big fan of the quality of the products, as well as their application method, low mess, and ease of use. Lanoguard cuts out the tedious prep work and masking up needed with most conventional products, and this makes it a far more affordable solution for Mike’s customer base.

Their centre is right in the heart of 4x4 country, and they’re also surrounded by horseboxes and motorhomes too. Mike’s commitment is to always care for their beautiful Shropshire environment – so he only uses products which are eco-friendly and non-harmful. This cleaner, greener nature to our products is a must for him and his company.

The 450-degree Celsius heat resistance (meaning the products can protect engine bays and be sprayed on exhausts without worry) as well as the ability to protect brake pipes and spray on rubbers and plastics without perishing them is a big bonus. Mike particularly likes the modern and innovative nature of our product range, and that it offers something different from the messy and petroleum-based conventional alternatives.


It was a pleasure to speak with Mike about his business, and we noticed some great parallels with their company values and ours. They have a great passion for cars and caring for them – believing that prevention is always better than cure! They strive for all their customers to be happy customers, and make sure everything is done correctly and professionally – being sympathetic to every vehicle and reassuring every customer.

Mike's Auto Care is a really open, honest and caring family business and I really do wish them all the best. They care for their customers and their vehicles – and that’s why we’re grateful to have them on board and using Lanoguard products. Check out the Mike's Auto Care website here, or if you’re local to Shropshire give them a call on +44 (0) 1584 817 084 or email You can also check out their Instagram on @mikes_auto_care.


See below a fantastic video by Mike's Auto Care all about their under chassis clean and protect service:

If you have any questions about Lanoguard products, or our trade offering do get in touch. You can see our Trade page and more info here.
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