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Using Lanoguard to keep old Cornish Pilot Gig trailers going.....

As a keen rower of a Cornish Pilot Gig boat, we of course have a trailer for moving our boats around between regattas and races around the country.  Being that we launch in Salt water all the time, it was obvious that the trailer was going to need some care.  Care and protection from the elements and salt water damage, corrosion, seizing rollers and metal and the like.  So I thought it would be a good time to use the "Lanoguard Boat Trailer care kit", trying out the natural anti corrosive spray and grease.  These have done the job brilliantly of keeping our old trailer serviceable and all the need to use moving parts free of seizing.  Spraying the whole trailer with the liquid and then using the grease to ply on around the bolts, nuts, moving parts of the winch, the threads of the roller adjuster clamps and the roller pins themselves.  It's working a treat and in comparison to other trailers I have used, without protection from the salt and rain, it makes the job of trailering the boat just that much easier.  Stops rust and seizing and keeps it all running smoothly. A very worthwhile use of Lanoguard and only have to do it once or twice a year.  If you're in a Cornish Pilot Gig Club, or you have any boat on a trailer you want to protect, get started with Lanoguard today.


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