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Rant about a ratchet strap

Ooooh an opportunity to have a legitimate little harmless rant.  I realised that many of the things that drove me to get involved with making a product to stop corrosion which really works are actually from my real world personal experiences which on occasion made me rant and get frustrated!..  So i thought I could rant a little about those experiences as a good way to show what Lanoguard is all about  :-)  Hoping to save you from having to have to have the same rants and pains.

Have you have had a corroded ratchet strap?  I remember one that was just like the one in the picture of this blog.  It was strapping down a boat, which had been sitting in the dry boat storage area.  We pulled her round with the tractor, put the trailer in the water and then tried to take the ratchet strap off!...  oh dear... it wouldn’t release... I couldn’t get the release to work... then, with a “ranty” kind of frustration, I pulled it harder (as you do if something doesn’t work) and slipped in my grip, ending up with a very painful wrapping of my knuckles against the mudguard of the trailer!... ahhhhhhh... I said, or perhaps it was a little more colourful than that.!

If only there was a product that could be simply put on this when we winterise the boat and it stopped all this horrid corrosion and the pain that I just experienced!.... not to mention the cost of having to replace a ratchet strap because we cut it off in the end!...

Anyway, I should be grateful for those rants and experiences, because as a result of thinking “I wonder if there’s a better way?” now I have the answer.  So I guess, no pain, no gain holds true.  I now just spray ratchet straps once or twice a year with the Lanoguard Marine Spray and I never have to worry about the ratchet mechanism seizing... ever.

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