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Keeping an older Motorbike

Yesterday I spent the day (Fathers day) repairing a puncture in the rear tyre of my Kawasaki KLR250 which I use for green laning and a little bit of road use. 

I had thought I would sell the bike but realised that it was just a fanciful idea and that this is a great bike, so lets just service her up ready for summer fun. 

So what better time than this to strip the chain, change the front sprocket (it was always a little too low geared for me) and do some maintenance.  At the same time I thought I could also make a video showing how to use Lanoguard to all those bikers who are interested.   Not that it is easy to hold an iphone in one hand with grease, parts and tools in the other hand!.  But I would give it a go, I thought.

I used the time to use the full range of the products, including the Moto Grease, Moto Electrics and Moto Spray.   Although I didn't show much of the moto electrics use, I am hoping it is obvious after watching the video I made :-)

I followed the guide of a great long time user of ours (he uses Lanoguard to lube his chain on his quarter mile sprint bike) to strip the chain clean and apply Lanoguard Moto grease and spray as a chain lube.  It was a great guide and worked really well.  I know there are a few ways to strip to chains clean and re lube too.  But this worked well.

In doing the inner tube change, as I mentioned above I took the opportunity to change the front sprocket, where I used the Lanoguard Moto grease to stop any further corrosion in that area, the bike is 1998 so she's getting on a bit and I want to keep her and keep her in good working condition too, especially living on the coast and using for green laning.

I coated most of the bike (not brakes of course!) with Lanoguard Moto Spray to give it a protection for the season and I coated the engine and exhaust being that it is heat resistant.  I am pleased with the results for sure.

One thing that was a nice bonus was I decided to clean my wheels and give them a little protection too, which I did with the Moto Spray and they have come up nicely, well for a green laner anyways.  

If you want to protect your bike from the weather and water ingress etc, I think this is the way forward.  Anyway, perhaps the video speaks better than words, so here's a link to the video. 


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