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Stop corrosion on Salt Mine working plant and machines - Bobcat S70

One of the most harsh environments we see machines operating within is in Salt Mines.  We were contacted by Norwest Plant and asked if we have a product to coat their customers Newly supplied Bobcat S70 before it went to work.  

Bobcat S70 treated with LanoguardThey knew we could do this from previous work they had seen which was great.  So we set about making a bespoke blend to treat the Bobcats with.  Which is a semi curing blend.   A cross between dry to touch finish and non-curing.  It is made under the brand of Asset Protector which is our industrial side of the business.  This product is called AP700 and AP775.  They can be bought by getting in touch.  That said, if you want to do something very similar yourself, you can use a combination of the Marine Spray and Marine grease.  

This is a great use case example of using our natural anti corrosives as a barrier coat to protect against harsh environments and chemicals attacking plant and machines.

Get in touch if you need your plant or machinery protected from the elements to prevent costly repairs and down time.

The below show some images after treatment.  The whole Bobcat S70 machine has been treated outside with a light coating to protect paint, the engine bay has been treated and the under carriage and wheels too.  Plus all hydraulics exposed to the elements.  

Thanks for reading.

Bobcat S70 with Lanoguard treatment

Bobcat S70 rear with Lanoguard treatment

Engine bay of Bobcat S70 with Lanoguard treatment


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