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Outdoor Uses

Lanoguard Outdoor Uses

Lanoguard can be used on metal, nylon, rubber, vinyl, wood (only the outdoor product has anti-fungal) and plastic. The Outdoor product line can also be used on leather.

There is an almost never ending list of uses for Lanoguard Outdoor around your home and garden and working environment, however here are a few different application suggestions we find are popular with our users:

Mountain bikes:

Lanoguard provides a layer of protection for your prized bike, once applied it will defend against rust and corrosion. This means replacing parts will become less frequent and therefore you will save time and money. As Lanoguard can resist jet washing it doesn’t matter how dirty your bike gets whilst you are out having fun as you will be able to get it clean without any fear of losing the protection. Another great feature of Lanoguard is that it is also a lubricant, therefore can be used on your bike chain to not only protect against rust but offer smooth running at the same time. As Lanoguard is made from Lanolin there is no concern that you will damage the environment when you bike through puddles or rivers.

Lanoguard is best applied to a clean bike as otherwise the dirt would be trapped under the protective layer. We strongly advise you reapply every 6 months to ensure the protection continues, before reapplying you just need to give the bike a good clean and then put the next layer on.

Sheds and decking

There is nothing worse than spending time and money on nice new decking to watch it suffer in the elements and begin to rot. Lanoguard offers protection from UV rays and has an anti-fungal additive to prevent rotting. When you put your new decking down or your shed up you don’t need to use anything more than Lanoguard to protect from everything the elements can throw at it. Lanoguard is not harmful to the environment and doesn’t stain clothes so the application process is incredibly easy. We suggest reapplying at least every 6 months to maintain the protection. In the below photograph (we’ll use the one I took of the hinges on the shed) you can clearly see that the Lanoguard which has been used to protect the hinges has also protected the wood.

We use it on everything around the farm and household from door hinges in the house to preserving outdoor furniture. Eg, Polishing red cedar table.


Lawnmowers, especially of the ride on variety aren’t a cheap purchase so Lanoguard is a fantastic way of keeping yours looking as good as new. Lanoguard can protect your lawnmower (or any garden machinery such as a rotavator) from rust or corrosion. You can use Lanoguard on any area of the machine as it can be used on plastic and rubber as well as metal. The lanolin base means that there is no environmental risk to your garden. Lanoguard is easy to apply and does not require protective clothing to do so.


We’re very aware that most motorbikes are incredibly treasured possessions that treated well can last an incredibly long time. Lanoguard offers multiple uses for the motorbike owner which will help protect and ensure smooth running of your bike. Firstly, Lanoguard will protect your bike from rust and corrosion. Apply to a clean bike and the as soon as it is dry you are protected no matter what the weather – fantastic if you’re coastal based and the rain is always that bit more salty. Lanoguard can also protect leather, defending against UV rays. We also have some users who use Lanoguard on their bike chains and find the lubricating properties unrivalled. Lanoguard can be used on rubber and plastic as well as metal and leather, therefore there is no issue if it goes on other areas of your motorbike.

Camping and barbeques

No summer is complete without getting the barbeque out, but how do you keep it looking as good as new when the weather is so changeable? Lanoguard can be used on barbeques to protect the metal and wood areas from rust and corrosion. Another fantastic use for Lanoguard is for waterproofing your tent. As with all possible uses of Lanoguard we suggest you reapply every 6 months. The surface must be clean before application or the Lanoguard will trap the dirt under it.

Classic cars

Lanoguard is a fantastic way of keeping your classic car in top condition. Defending against rust which has a devastating impact on the looks of the car, not to mention the financial impact of repairs. Preventing rust and corrosion also enables the car to achieve top price when the time comes to sell on. There is no risk to plastic, rubber or leather areas of the car either, as Lanoguard causes them no harm and in fact protects them too.

Hinges, handles, padlocks or anything else metal around the garden or around your house

Most of us have had hinges on sheds or gates that have rusted and started to look a bit sad and accepted it as part of life, never even considering there is another option. Well why not protect them with Lanoguard and keep them looking as good as new regardless of their age. In the photograph below two of the metal spacers have been protected by Lanoguard on a 6 monthly basis and the other hasn’t, you can clearly see the difference. Padlocks easily become so corroded they will no longer open, often meaning bolt croppers are the only solution but Lanoguard makes this a situation of the past.

It’s time to stop accepting this and give Lanoguard a try. Visit our shop to order yours now and start stopping your problems.

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