Ultimate Land Rover Underbody Care Kit

Ultimate Land Rover Underbody Care Kit

Lanoguard gives you everything you need to easily protect your Land Rover underbody against all rust and corrosion.

This kit gives you everything you need to protect your vehicle underbody:

  • 5L of Moto Spray, enough for any Land Rover and a second spray
  • 600ml of our Moto Grease, plus plenty spare to keep your Landy topped up too
  • Quick and easy with the grab-and-go 1L Pro Sprayer Bottle
  • 2L Pressure Sprayer enables you to easily apply to large areas
  • 360-injector wand with misting nozzle allows you to inject those hard-to-reach areas with high pressure ensuring full protection

Very low prep, quick DIY application, minimal mess. A lasting, jet-wash resistant and eco-friendly barrier coating that stays in place and stops salt, grit and moisture in their tracks. 

Trusted by thousands of Land Rover owners across the UK and Ireland. Made and sourced in the UK by our friendly family business with eco-friendly, natural and non-toxic products

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Ultimate Land Rover Underbody Care Kit
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Ultimate Land Rover Underbody Cared For
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Ultimate Land Rover Underbody Care Kit Review
A Few Lanoguarded Land Rovers

Not cared for

Untreated 63 Plate L200

Cared for with Lanoguard

Underbody treated with Lanoguard
  • • Any Vehicle, any time of year • Minimal prep, drives out moisture • Easy to apply, hermetically seals

If you love your vehicle,
Lanoguard it.

Simple, easy, DIY care for your vehicle underbody that you can apply all year round, even in cold, damp conditions. Protecting the underbody of your vehicle is often neglected, expected to be messy, needing tools you don’t have, and a smelly, difficult and time-consuming job. With our kits, this all changes and is made easy for you. Lanoguard underbody protection is long-lasting and can be applied in around 20 minutes and will defend the vehicle you love from corrosion so you can enjoy using it without worry.

UK Made Icons Group

Our Underbody Care Kit gives you everything you need to protect your vehicle underbody, chassis, and accessories from the elements, giving you the best value for money.

Application is made quick and easy with the trigger spray set, which atomises the product and provides a consistent, even coverage.

Moto spray is designed for the easy and ultimate protection of all chassis’ including:

  • 4x4 and Off Road Vehicles – Land Rover, Jeep, Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Classic cars - Triumph Spitfire, TR4, TR6, Rolls Royce 20/25, Jaguar E-Type
  • Quad Bikes and Trikes
  • Unimogs
  • Multihogs
  • Lorries and Trucks
  • Fire Engines
  • Caravans, Trailers and Any Other Rust Prone Vehicles

Better than products you have tried before, Lanoguard Moto Grease can be used wherever petroleum grease is used but will provide you with many benefits over the product you use currently and can be used to do more jobs than a normal grease too.

Something which really makes our products stand alone when compared to others is that they will stay in place doing their job for a long time and won’t be displaced by pressure washing nor will they evaporate up to 450°C or be dissolved by petrol products. As well as this they are ecologically friendly and last much, much longer. They won’t perish any rubbers or plastics and in fact will nourish them, meaning you don’t need to mask the rubber!

Lanoguard’s Moto range has been specifically developed to prevent the problems that all vehicle enthusiast encounter. Long lasting, waterproofing, anti-corrosive sprays, greases and lubricants for use on all on all types of vehicles prone to rust, corrosion and in need of protection and anti-seize. Spray on and grease application for use on:

  • Seized Nuts and Bolts
  • Chassis and Suspension
  • Vehicle Electrics
  • For Classic Bike Preservation too - Whole Frame, Headstock Bearings, Rose Couplings, Ball Joints and Flexible Joints
  • Trailer Bodies and Chassis’

Premium quality British made products which are jet wash, heat, saltwater and petrol resistant. They protect against electrolysis, corrosion and seizing. They stay in place and won’t evaporate or dry out – meaning you can be rest assured that your vehicles will remain protected long-term! Our formula is also non-petroleum based making it eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe to apply without the need for heavy PPE.

"Highly recommended. Very easy and clean to use product which is ideal for DIY rust treatment and prevention. Great support and fast turn around of orders." - Lanoguard Customer Quote

"Having used the more traditional wax/oil based treatments many times (and always dreading the annual getting covered in the stuff and coughing & spluttering on the fumes) I found Lanoguard a whole lot more pleasant to work with, best bit was not getting covered in sticky nasty petrochemicals"

Commercial customers we are proud to supply with lanoguard for professional use:

Commercial Company Logos Commercial Company Logos Commercial Company Logos Commercial Company Logos Fugro Sea Crane
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One simple kit

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Thousands of
satisfied customers

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One simple kit

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Thousands of
satisfied customers

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One simple kit

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Thousands of
satisfied customers

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One simple kit

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Thousands of
satisfied customers

Underbody protection made easy by lanoguard:

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Just pure and simple protection from the elements, from road salt

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Stop all rust and corrosion

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No Mess. Less clean up and non-toxic

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Protection for the year - You can drive your vehicle without worry of rust forming

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Spray on any metals, rubbers and plastics.

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Can be sprayed directly on surface rust

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Very low prep. No masking up required

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No concern about disrupting any current existing coatings

Vehicle already affected by rust? All is not lost.

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It’s one simple kit with everything you need to do the job, including the tools to apply it.

Very quick to apply, with full instructions.

Delivered in a box to your door.

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Lanoguard Product Containers Lanoguard Product Containers Lanoguard Product Containers Lanoguard Product Containers

One simple kit.

Thousands of satisfied customers.

Jacob from Lanoguard Jacob from Lanoguard Jacob from Lanoguard Jacob from Lanoguard

“The Lanoguard team provides support by phone, email, and web chat, to make sure you are 100% comfortable with what to do and how to do it.”

- Jacob, Lanoguard

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Why choose lanoguard?

We're Protecting Thousands Of Vehicles Tried and tested in harsh marine and chemical environments Every purchase helps us protect the environment through the Lola fund
Backed by scientific research and university studies Product developed 39 years ago. Built by nature, enhanced by science A small, family, UK based business

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Richard Mann

Order arrived quickly .
Not had time to use it yet due to work commitments . Will let you know how it goes when I've used it

David Protherough
Nissan Navara underneath protectedq

Great product, got a mechanic to apply it as using his ramp was easy or lazy, not sure which!! He admitted he was impressed too as he thought I would need twice as much and we still have enough for the van too. Happy days.

Underbody care.

This is the first time I've used Lanoguard.
It's really easy to apply. I'll see how it lasts but my first impression, I'm really pleased with the result.
Try it for yourself!

Shaun Knights
Protecting my car

I've just used this product to help protect my classic car.
It was very easy to use.looks good.
Very pleased with my purchase.

Julian Mark
Effective and easy to apply - Jeep Wrangler Sahara JLU

I thought I’d wait a few weeks after applying Lanoguard before submitting a review. The Jeep is three years old and elements of the underside are beginning to show signs of surface rust (just a light bloom of orange). I put the Jeep on ramps and crawled underneath with the hand trigger on a flexi-hose. It was easy to apply into all the nooks and crannies of the chassis and underside. I didn’t try to avoid the exhaust system particularly. The nozzle only started to gunk up right at the end. I haven’t tried the pressure sprayer as it simply wasn’t needed. I wasn’t too concerned about overspray on me as it’s a non-toxic product but it made me smell like a sheep, however it showered out of my hair and cleaned off my glasses easily. The Jeep only smelled of burning wool the once for a few minutes after the engine had got up to temperature. Two weeks later and the underside is still black, no sign of rust bloom recurring or any patches that I seem to have missed. Unlike other rust-proofers/underseals it was so easy to apply it will be easy to touch up on an ‘as and when’ basis. Plenty left to do the other two vehicles in our yard too.