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Top Gear Offer

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Introducing our exclusive Top Gear Kit – the ultimate solution for safeguarding your vehicle's underbody from moisture, salt, and mud. Say goodbye to rust and corrosion with our specially curated kit that includes everything you need to protect your vehicle's underbody.

Our Top Gear Kit is made in the UK, with products that are long-lasting, resistant to jet washing, heat, and salt. And it's not just for metal surfaces – it's also safe for use on rubbers, bushes, plastics, and electric components, so there's no need to mask up.

Application is a breeze – quick and easy to apply, with minimal prep and minimal mess. You can apply it any time of the year.

What's included:

  • 2  Ltr of Moto Spray + Trigger Sprayer To Apply – versatile, can be used on all metals, rubbers, plastics, and electrical components
  • 600ml of Moto Grease – perfect for highly vulnerable or prone to rusting areas
  • 360 Injector Wand - 600mm long and flexible, great for protecting box sections, sills, and hard-to-reach areas
  • 1L Professional, Premium Quality Spray Bottle - nicknamed our ‘grab and go bottle’ for quick top ups and great to use with the injector wand
  • Accessory Pack (Grease Brush and Mutton Cloth) - small extras that make the simple job of using Lanoguard even easier.

This is a special offer, don't miss out on the opportunity to protect your vehicle and keep it in top gear! Don't forget to act fast, this offer is available for a limited time only.

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    Trusted by JCB, Environment Agency, Multihog and National Trust

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    Don't let it kill yours.

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    Top Gear Magazine Lanoguard Offer

    Easy underbody rust protection

    Quick, easy and simple rust prevention kits

    • Very low prep, easy DIY application, minimal mess.
    • Jet-wash resistant, heat resistant, non-flammable, non-conductive.
    • An eco-friendly barrier coating that stays in place and stops salt, grit and moisture in their tracks.
    • Made and sourced in the UK by our friendly family business with eco-friendly products.

    Why Lanoguard?

    What some of our thousands of users say

    Commercial customers we are proud to supply with lanoguard for professional use:

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    Why choose lanoguard

    Lanoguard has been specifically designed for easy whole underbody and chassis protection, on ANY vehicle. It's been developed alongside industry over many years working with vehicles used in the harshest of environments, such as runway de-icer lorries, fertiliser front loaders, sea cranes and gritter lorries. We took all we learnt and know from our industrial expertise and created our Vehicle Underbody and Chassis Care Kits, which enable you to easily DIY-protect your vehicles and machinery to the same heavy-duty standard.

    Designed for easy, effective underbody protection of ANY vehicle - be it 4x4s, Off-Roaders, Classic Cars, Campervans, Caravans, Motorhomes, Tractors… all the way to regular road cars! Our kits protect the whole underbody and chassis with no need to mask-up, and very minimal prep required. This makes it a very simple and quick DIY application process, which can seamlessly fit into your regular car care routine.

    Premium quality British made products which are jet wash, heat, saltwater, and petrol resistant. They protect against electrolysis, corrosion and seizing. They stay in place and won’t evaporate or dry out – meaning you can be rest assured that your vehicles will remain protected long-term! Our formula is also more eco-friendly, non-toxic to the environment and non-harmful to apply – this means it is non-perishing to rubbers and plastics, and safe to apply without the need for heavy PPE.

    Lanoguard has a set of features and technical specifications which really set it apart. Once you understand these technical features you can really start to work out all kinds of uses for Lanoguard grease and sprays across all kinds of corrosion protection, waterproofing, electrical and lubrication applications.

    Top Gear Offer Pack
    The Lanoguard Features are:
    • Natural and much, much longer lasting
    • Hermetically seals the surface (so oxidation can’t occur (so rust can’t form nor continue))
    • Salt, Acid and Alkaline resistant
    • Waterproof (instantly waterproof anything)
    • Jet wash resistant to 3000 psi or 200 bar (won't be displaced and will keep protecting after cleaning – water just beads off)
    • Non-conductive to 70,000 volts (use on all electrics and circuit boards)
    • Non-evaporative (won't dry out like normal grease leaving un-lubricated or protected parts)
    • Heat resistant to 450 degrees Celsius
    • Non-perishing (safe to use on all rubbers and plastics etc)
    • Ecologically sound (can be used safely in marine environments)
    • Adheres to all surfaces
    • Petroleum resistant (so petrol or diesel spillage or leakage won’t displace it nor mix with it)
    • Prevents electrolysis (Prevents seized parts, dissimilar metal corrosion, and keeps parts serviceable)
    • Non-leaching (won't spread to other adjoining surfaces and material)
    • Lubricating (amazingly low friction co-efficient)
    • Non-petroleum based (non-toxic and non-hazardous formulas which are better for the environment)

    If you love your vehicle,
    Lanoguard it.

    Simple, easy, DIY care for your vehicle underbody that you can apply all year round, even in cold, damp conditions. Protecting the underbody of your vehicle is often neglected, expected to be messy, needing tools you don’t have, and a smelly, difficult and time-consuming job. With our kits, this all changes and is made easy for you. Lanoguard underbody protection is long-lasting and can be applied in around 20 minutes and will defend the vehicle you love from corrosion so you can enjoy using it without worry.

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