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Lanoguard Professional Sprayer

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Lanoguard's Professional Sprayer is for use with our 500ml bottles, or our 2L and 5L bottles if you purchase the Lanoguard extension hose accessory as well. 
It is for a superior application coverage and it has fully adjustable spray/atomising ability for even coverage and to reach harder to reach places.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shane Day

Firstly I would like to apologise for my first comment , a simple blow or scrape , of the filter on the sprayer , like most , and of you go, went on with ease , not as messy as other products, have some left , even had a nice lady , ring me up to help or replace any item I wasn’t happy with ,, humble pie for me ,

Liam Taylor
Ford Ranger and Fiesta

Put Lanoguard on my Ranger and wife's fiesta. Went on a dream. Used 360° sprayer inside chassis holes and sprayer on everything else. NOT on inside of wheels of course. Also wiped it on exterior of BBQ. All with the 2L refill tub.

David Davies

One word brilliant

John Bussey
Lanoguard automotive.

Great service and used the lanoguard to undercoat two vintage cars and two tractors along with a snowblower. Should have read the instructions more thoroughly and I would have realised it needed warming in the very cold weather!