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Giving back to you, our community

We are here because of you, your stories and your support. Our way of saying thank you is to create the Lanoguard Club. As a Club Member you will benefit from:

  • £10 reward on the first purchase from every one of your friends and family using your link.
  • £5 off for that person on their first purchase.
  • Early sales access.
  • Pre-release product deals.
  • Win gifts in our monthly prize draws.
  • Invitation to Lanoguard Events.
  • Plus, ‘SHHHH’ – secret pop-up benefits.

When you bought your Lanoguard product, you automatically qualified to become a member. To activate your membership, simply click on the button below and put in the same name and email address you used when you made your purchase.

Then, Hey Presto, You’re in the club.

Activate Your Membership

From myself, Abi, the kids and the team here in Newhaven we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for believing in Lanoguard and becoming part of the thriving Lanoguard community. Your
support motivates us to combat rust in a sustainable manner.

Mark Beaumont, Founder Lanoguard

The Lanoguard community

Our strong community of 50,000 enthusiasts have already preserved tens of thousands of vehicles from the clutches of rust, impacting vehicle safety and saving themselves
money on costly repairs and unnecessary landfills. 

Here at Lanoguard, we want to continue to spread the good word of the benefits of
Lanoguard and are keen to reward those of you who share our mission.

Many in our community have shared fantastic stories about how easy it is to protect a
vehicle's underbody.  By helping others learn how beneficial and simple it is to apply
to your vehicle, we can protect the safety of others, save them money and be more

And now you can earn benefits whilst you share the word.

Many of you asked us for 3 improvements: 

  1. An easy way to share Lanoguard with your friends and family 
  2. A referral program that gives something back to customers for promoting
  3. Extra benefits for loyal Lanoguard customers 

Because we really value you, we listened and have created the Lanoclub!

Activate Your Membership

How to feel the benefit of your membership

Activate your membership

You automatically qualified to become a member when you made your first purchase.

To activate your membership, simply click on the 'Activate Your Membership' button and put in the same name and email address you used when you purchased.

Receive your unique referral link

When you have activated your membership, you'll receieve a unique referral link via email.

Save the link and think about the friends you'll share it with.

Start sharing your link

When your friend clicks on your unique referral link:
- They'll recieve a £5 discount off their first purchase.
- You'll recieve £10 payment after their first purchase.

Enjoy Lanoclub benefits

As a Club Member you will benefit from:

  • Early access sales
  • Pre-release product deals
  • Monthly prize draws
  • Invitation to Lanoguard events
  • Plus, SHHH secret pop up benefits

Together, let's continue to fight rust and make a difference.

See the results from our lanoguard members







Receive £10 when your friends first buy Lanoguard

Those who spread the word this way about your triumph over rust to friends and family, and not only will they be grateful for your help in protecting their vehicles, but you'll also receive £10 when their first order is dispatched.

And that's not all...

All referrers are automatically entered into our monthly prize draw.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common Lanoguard Club queries. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.

When you purchased Lanoguard, you will have been given a personalised link. To receive your reward for sharing your link, simply activate your Lanoguard Club Membership.

Once you have your personalised link, and you are all signed up, all you have to do is share it. You can do this on your social media channels, Whats app or by emailing your link to friends and family. When your friend clicks on the Lanoguard link you’ve shared they will be taken straight to the Lanoguard website. All they need to do is click to redeem the discount and apply it at the checkout.

Log into your dashboard and you can easily track your rewards, how much you’ve earnt and how much your Lanoguard link has generated in total.

You will receive an email everytime your Lanoguard link is used to make a purchase on our website. Your reward will arrive as soon as your friend's order has been despatched. If you would rather donate it to charity you can do that too.

The below outlines the guidelines and conditions for The Lanoguard Club Referral Program run by Lanoguad Limited ('Program'), initiated on 01/02/2024. By participating in this Program, you acknowledge and consent to adhere to the program Guidelines.

These Program Guidelines are supplementary to our website's General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, accessible here. Participation in the Program implies your agreement to these Referral Guidelines, our General Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. All Program-related disputes will be resolved through Arbitration, and participation constitutes agreement to this Arbitration and Governing Law.

Definitions within the Program:

  • 'Referrer' refers to an existing customer sharing their unique Program code.
  • 'Referee' refers to a new customer receiving a Program code from a friend.

Program Criteria and Rules:

  • The program is restricted to UK residents aged 18 or above, applicable to both Referrer and Referee
  • To become a Referrer, you must have a registered account and have completed a previous order.
  • Existing customers wishing for a referral code should contact us at
  • Referees will only be able to use the £5 discount if they are a new customer and have not previously placed an order with Lanoguard.
  • The discount can only be used once, on orders over £75.
  • The discount cannot be used on Lanoguard trade products.
  • The discount can only be used when buying products from
  • The Referrers receive the agreed reward once the referee’s order has been despatched.
  • Referrers can refer a maximum of 5 friends per week and earn up to £50 per code per week, subject to successful order completion. Codes expire after 5 uses in a week time period.
  • Using multiple accounts for the Program is prohibited and will result in immediate removal from the scheme.
  • To be fair to all participants of the program the referrers program code cannot be shared on Lanoguard’s user group.
  • Members are required to make their first referral within 6 months of activating their account to maintain active status in the Program.

Contact Information

Program Reward Distribution

  • The Referrers will receive the agreed reward once the referee’s order has been despatched. Payments from the Program will be made via Bank Transfer, PayPal, or Charity Donation. No other payment forms are available. It's the customer's responsibility to ensure accurate payment details are given. We are not liable for misdirected payments.

Termination of Participation

  • A referrer can request to be removed from the program at any time by emailing Once the referrer has been removed from the program any referee program codes will become invalid.

Cookie Window

  • A 30-day cookie window is in effect, ensuring that referrals are accurately tracked and attributed within this timeframe.

Prohibition of Brand Imitation

  • Referrers are strictly prohibited from impersonating or falsely representing themselves as part of The Lanoguard Club. Any such actions will lead to immediate disqualification from the Program.

Disqualification for Misuse

  • Any misuse of the Program, including the creation and use of multiple accounts, will result in immediate disqualification and may lead to legal action. Arbitration and Governing Law.

Arbitration and Governing Law

  • All disputes related to the Program will be resolved through arbitration, as agreed upon by participants in these Referral Guidelines.

Program Alterations

  • The Lanoguard Club reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Program at any time. Any changes will become effective immediately upon announcement.

Data Protection and Privacy

  • Our handling of personal data in the referral process aligns with our Privacy Policy. We commit to protecting the privacy and security of all participants.

Limitation of Liability

  • The Lanoguard Club is not liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from participation in the Program.

Intellectual Property

  • All promotional materials, logos, and trademarks related to The Lanoguard Club are the intellectual property of The Lanoguard Club.

Non-Transferability of Rewards

  • Program rewards are strictly non-transferable.

Program Abuse

  • Actions constituting abuse of the Program, such as fraudulent referrals, will lead to immediate removal from the program and potential legal action.

Changes to the Program

  • We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Program or these Referral Guidelines at our discretion. Program codes are validly applied before any such changes will be honoured.

Contact Information for Disputes

Governing Law

  • These terms are governed by UK law, and participants agree to submit to the jurisdiction of these courts.

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