Lanoguard Moto Spray - Lanoguard
Lanoguard Moto Spray - Lanoguard
Lanoguard Moto Spray - Lanoguard
Lanoguard Moto Spray - Lanoguard
Lanoguard Moto Spray - Lanoguard
Lanoguard Moto Spray - Lanoguard
Lanoguard Moto Spray - Lanoguard
Lanoguard Moto Spray - Lanoguard

Lanoguard Moto Spray / refill

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Our Moto Spray gives you what you need to easily protect your vehicle underbody, chassis and accessories from corrosion, water damage and the harsh outdoor environment.

  • Long lasting rust prevention and waterproofing for vehicle underbody and whole chassis.
  • Resistant to jet-washing, heat, salt, acid and alkaline.
  • 15-20 minute easy application with very little prep needed and minimal mess.
  • Non perishing and non-conductive (use it on rubbers, plastics and electric components too! No masking up needed).
  • A translucent finish which nourishes the surface it sits on

Other Buying Options:

Spray + Grease Underbody Kit - £68.99 1L Professional Sprayer Bottle - £9.99 360 Injector Wand for sills/box sections - £12.50 Underbody Kit + Sprayer Bottle Bundle - £75.99
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"Highly recommended. Very easy and clean to use product which is ideal for DIY rust treatment and prevention. Great support and fast turn around of orders." - Lanoguard Customer Quote


Our Moto Spray is designed for the whole and very easy (low or no prep) covering of the underbody and chassis of vehicles and machinery as a complete translucent (but satin sheen finish) corrosion prevention barrier to weather, salt, acid, alkaline and water.  

Moto spray is designed for the easy and ultimate protection of all chassis’ including:
  • 4 x 4 and Off road vehicles - Landrover Defender and Discovery, Toyota Landcruiser 
  • Classic cars - Triumph Spitfire, TR4 , TR6 , Rolls Royce 20/25 , Jaguar e type, Aston Martin, Bentley etc.. 
  • Quad bikes and Trikes
  • ATV's
  • Unimogs
  • Multihogs
  • Lorries and trucks
  • Fire Engines
  • Caravans and trailers 

Optional application accessories you want to buy too:

Sizes Available:

500ml Refill - £16.74 500ml with trigger sprayer - £18.99 2L Refill - £52.99 2L with trigger spray kit - £59.99 5L Refill - £99.99 5L with trigger spray kit - £107.99 360 Injector Wand - £12.50
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Better than products you have tried before, Lanoguard Moto Spray and can be used wherever petroleum alternatives are used but will provide you with many benefits over the product you use currently and can be used to do more jobs than these too.

Something which really makes our product stand alone when compared to others is that it will stay in place doing its job for a long time and won’t be displaced by pressure washing - it also won’t evaporate up to 450°C or be dissolved by petrol products. As well as this it is ecologically friendlier and lasts much, much longer. It will not perish any rubbers or plastics either and in fact will nourish them, and that means you don't need to mask the rubber!

See here Moto Spray being used on a motorbike:

 And this using it on a truck as part of the Lanoguard Vehicle Underbody and Chassis Care Kit:

Lanoguard's Moto range has been specifically developed to prevent the problems that all vehicle enthusiast encounter. Long lasting, waterproofing, anti-corrosive sprays, greases and lubricants for use on all on all types of motorbikes. Moto Spray on and the Moto Grease applications examples are:

  • Seized nuts and bolts
  • Chassis and suspension
  • Electrics and electrolysis prevention
  • For classic bikes all over preservation to keep them "as is" 
  • Headstock bearings, rose couplings, ball joints and flexible joints
  • Trailer bodies and chassis'

Here are just a few applications that our customers are using Lanoguard Moto for:

Electrical Issues - Because Lanoguard Moto displaces water and is non-conductive you can spray it on your electrics to put an end to constant electrical problems.

Flexible Joint Protection - Petroleum based greases and sprays get washed away when you jet wash your vehicle and then the water can sit in the joints and suspension. Lanoguard Moto is jet wash resistant, heat resistant to 450°C and does not evaporate so it will protect your vehicle, flexible joints and suspension even when you jet wash.

It has all the features listed on our "Features" page such as acid an alkaline resistant and non-leaching.  

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Click here to find out how to apply to Lanoguard - you'll also find product-specific user guides as well as FAQs and troubleshooting.

Thank you for looking and taking the time to read about our Moto Spray.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 269 reviews
      Colin Sloan
      Superb product

      I have been using this for a few year's and in comparison to other products on the market I find it a lot easier to use.
      With underbody protection of any kind (even factory applied) it needs to be checked and touched up occasionly to keep it in good protection.
      Lanoguard can be applied to all components with the exception of brakes and leaves a translucent coating enabling all areas to be visually inspected.
      I recently coated the underside of my wife's 2007 golf just before MOT. MOT centres in Northern Ireland are government facilities and inspectors can be fussy when it comes to how the vehicle is presented. One of the stipulations is that the vehicle must be cleaned to enable the inspector to visually inspect the condition of bushings brake lines etc. One car owner recently spent a lot of time coating his vehicle underside with black Waxoyl and when presented for Mot the inspector immediately failed it on the basis that he couldn't visually inspect anything and told him to get it cleaned off before retest.
      The golf passed Mot, the inspectors hadn't seen this type of coating before but were very impressed once I explained.
      I have recently coated the underside of my 2018 Golf 7.5R (owned from new) and although it is a relatively new car signs of rust were starting to appear on subframes, wishbones etc. Powered washed, let dry, wheels off and coated with Lanoguard and now looks like new again.
      It can be messy to apply and the surface needs to be clean and dry but if you take some time to do it the mess can be minimised.
      There are lots of other uses for the product - protecting hand tools, garden equipment, farm machinery and even steel roof fixings.
      Overall it is fairly expensive but a little goes a long way and if can save future costly rust repairs it is well worth the cost and effort.

      Martin Sloots
      Good but expensive

      This product is good as far as I can tell. But it seems very expensive for what you get

      Elwyn Hughes
      Easy to apply

      Just purchased and sprayed the underneath of my car, very easy to apply, looks good but only time will tell if it is an effective rust preventer.

      Good product

      First class product and super fast service.

      F Meyrick
      A messy job, not a surprise really.

      To do a really good job on a non 4x4 type vehicle ie. to get this stuff everywhere it needs to be, and do the job in a reasonable amount of time, your going to need ideally, access to a vehicle lift. Your kidding yourself if you think you can do the job properly with the car on it's wheels on the drive. You will be wasting your time and money.
      Last week I did all four wheel arches and the complete underside of my Audi A7, the job took around 3 hours to complete
      Luckily I have some 12 inch car ramps so first of all reversed the car onto these. This is a minimum requirement and will involve a lot of crawling around on the floor and getting yourself covered in the stuff, but this is the only way you will achieve what it is your trying to do. Even after I thought I had finished, I shuffled around to a different position and realised I had missed loads of areas. If you want to do the product justice your going to have to put a bit of effort in.
      Next the car came off the ramps and I jacked up each corner to remove one wheel at a time. With the wheel off you will again see areas that you didn't quite cover properly.
      With the wheels off I noticed that the overspray had got onto the insides of the rear wheels.
      With the wheel arch done I decided to clean the wheel before remounting. I now know how well this stuff sticks to a dry surface. LIKE ?@+# TO A BLANKET. A good dose of Fairy liquid and a sponge is no match for this. I imagine spraying this on a windy day would be a very bad idea. The stuff does come off eventually (I used WD40 in the end ) but it was a good demonstration as to it's ability to stay where you put it.
      The winter salt we have to drive through can make the undersides of our vehicles a right mess.
      I'm happy that the underneath of my A7 now has a waterproof coating, a clear shiny sort of wet look coating. It looks good too, if these things matter to you.
      I can't comment on the products anti-corrosion abilities as it has only been on a week, we will see in 6 months time.
      2 litres is more than enough, I still have some left. It was a messy job, I knew it would be even though no one else seems to have mentioned it. Hopefully it does not have a detrimental effect on tarmac as some will drip off the underside of the car.
      A bonus if you don't wear a hat while doing the job is that your hair will be really soft for a week.