What Makes Lanoguard Marine Grease A Must-Have Product?

As the owner of a boat, it is highly likely that you will have used many different marine grease products over the years. It goes without saying that a high-quality grease is required for numerous reasons, but most notably to reduce the need to repair or replace parts and materials in and around your boat and marine life. So, it really is a staple product for all boat owners and something that is incredibly beneficial to use.

When it comes to purchasing marine grease, as you may expect, some products are better and more effective than others. When you’re looking for a brand and a product you can rely on in this regard, there is no better company to turn to than us here at Lanoguard. We have a brilliant range of marine products and we supply a marine grease that is the go-to product for lots of boat owners. Below we have looked into what makes our grease stand out from the crowd and why so many consider it to be a must-have product.

Provides long-lasting protection

Our innovative marine grease is able to protect against and help prevent rust, verdigris, electrolysis, corrosion and also UV. It is an all-inclusive product that is able to provide you with the long-lasting protection that you’re looking for.

When compared to other products, Lanoguard marine grease is very stubborn too. It won’t be displaced by saltwater or jet washing, which is undeniably beneficial, and it is also non-evaporative so it won’t dry out like normal grease either. You can use our marine grease in confidence knowing that it won’t let you down and leave parts non-lubricated or unprotected

Multiple helpful uses 

By simply purchasing one pot of our marine grease, you will be able to protect so many different parts of your boat. Our grease adheres to all surfaces, so it can be used in various locations, but it is also non-leaching and won’t spread to adjoining surfaces and materials.

Some of the different areas that you can use Lanoguard marine grease on include; outboard and inboard motors, whole boat trailers, boat upholstery, galley equipment, anchor chain stacking, yacht rigging, sliders and pulley, and much much more. Our reliable product really is a one-stop solution to all of your boat protection needs.

Straightforward to apply

Lanoguard marine grease couldn’t be easier to apply and minimal prep is required too. Simply wash the vulnerable areas you’d like to treat, leave them to dry and then rub the grease onto them. For an even easier application, you can heat the grease and use a brush to ‘paint’ it on.

As soon as the marine grease is applied, it will adhere tenaciously and it provides an instant waterproof barrier too. Generally speaking, the grease will protect for up to a year, but to ensure that your boat is kept in the best condition, twice-yearly treatment is recommended. Of course, you can easily top up with the product as and when required too.


Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

For many, this is one of the most appealing things about Lanoguard marine grease and it is what makes it unique. Unlike lots of other products on the market, our grease is non-toxic and ecologically sound, so it can safely be used in marine environments.

The product is made from a base of natural lanolin, so it is much friendlier to the environment than its other competition. In addition to this, the natural base means it has a set of technical properties and features that sets it apart from common petroleum-based products. It is a brilliant alternative to products that are hazardous.

Purchasing Lanoguard products

There really is no denying that whilst there may be numerous different brands on the market that all offer marine grease, the product that we supply here at Lanoguard really is superior. No matter what type of marine grease you are currently using or what has been recommended to you by others, you can trust that Lanoguard marine grease will provide you with many benefits over and above all of these products.

To find out more about the marine grease that we supply, please feel free to explore our website today. You should be able to find the answers to the majority of your questions on one of our product pages, our ‘how to apply’ page or our FAQ page, but if you’re still looking for some more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We always love to hear from our customers and we will gladly discuss our marine grease with you in more detail. If you want to see how easy it is to use Lanoguard marine grease, check out our video below: