There must be a better way

I wonder if people ever think that there must be a better way?

At Lanoguard we make superior and often not thought about products which can really save so much time and money.  Not to mention the difficulty of the job having to solve the problems caused by salt water corrosion such as this chain link that simply would not come undone. I saw this when visiting a friend when he was staying at his mothers place in Cowes.  I got the chain link ferry across and this poor guy was sitting on the ground looking very frustrated.  I didn't tell him of Lanoguard's superior Marine Grease at the time, as I felt it would just upset him more.  I never did find out who he was, I wanted to send him a pot for free in the post explaing that he could use the Marine Grease of ours in a once or twice a year service scheudle for all under water nuts, bolts chains and shackles and it will always allow him to undo the threads as if they were put in yesterday.

This is a great example of many things that must be around a Marina or Port which could benefit from the use of Lanoguard.  I think that perhaps people just dont know that there is a product to stop corrosion and seizing as well as Lanoguard can, so they dont look for it.  

Do get in touch if you want to know more.  Or indeed if you know who this chap might be.  I could send him a free sample.