The Importance Of Using Rust Protection Products

When you own a 4x4 or an off-road vehicle, like a Land Rover or a Jeep, then you may use the vehicle in unconventional ways. In addition to simply driving from A to B on a daily basis, many with 4x4s spend a lot of time driving on unsurfaced tracks made of materials like gravel, sand, mud, rocks and other natural terrains. For this reason, your vehicle will require some additional rust proofing.

Many vehicle enthusiasts encounter problems with their 4x4 chassis as this part of the vehicle isn’t necessarily always protected from things such as corrosion and rusting. It isn’t uncommon for people not to realise how prone modern vehicles can be to corrosion and behind the trim and the bumper, 4x4 chassis’ will be slowly dissolving. Thankfully there are lots of rust prevention products on the market that can help you rust proof your vehicle and below we have looked into some of the reasons why they are so important to use.

Reduce rust-related repairs being required

As you’re probably aware, rust occurs when iron or iron alloys are exposed to oxygen and moisture for long periods of time. When your vehicle starts to rust, it will be weakened and the 4x4 chassis will lose its strength and integrity. It goes without saying that this can be incredibly dangerous and if the rust is bad enough, it can increase the risk of accidents.

By using rust proofing products, you can ensure that your vehicle remains in good condition and that any rust-related costly repairs and replacements aren’t required. In extreme cases, rust prevention and protection can help you avoid the unnecessary scrapping of your vehicle too. Maintenance costs in general will be greatly reduced when you adequately rust proof.

Ensure your vehicle remains aesthetically pleasing

In addition to ensuring that your vehicle is safe to drive and your 4x4 chassis is protected against the elements that you commonly face when driving off-road, using rust prevention products will keep your vehicle looking its best too. It goes without saying that rusted metal looks unattractive and it can bring down the appearance of your whole vehicle.

Once your chassis has started to rust, stone chippings and general debris can even cause holes too and they will be unsightly. If left unattended, these holes will only get bigger and they can cause significant damage, compromising the look of your vehicle.

Prevent any existing rust from developing further

Rust Protection Applying

Many don’t realise that using rust remover products can even be beneficial to vehicles that have small amounts of rust on their chassis already. Once metal starts to rust, the surface area affected will continue to expand and slowly the rust will cause all of the vehicle frame to deteriorate, so it is essential to stop the rust in its tracks.

You will find that some of the best rust proofing products on the market have a natural affinity to ferrous metals and will bond to the metal underneath any existing rust. This will hermetically seal the surface, creating an effective barrier from both oxygen and water, and it will help to prevent the rust from developing further.

Maintain your vehicle’s resale value

Aftercare rust protection

It is always worth bearing in mind that the condition of your vehicle influences its resale value. Should you wish to upgrade to a new off-road vehicle, then a rusted 4x4 chassis will prevent you from getting the amount that you hoped for your old vehicle. Just because the underbody is out of sight, doesn’t mean it won’t affect how much your vehicle is worth.

Due to the fact that rust can reduce the lifespan of essential mechanical parts of your vehicle too, like your brakes and suspension arms, it can be expensive for a buyer to correct any rust-related issues. This will make your vehicle even less valuable, so rust proofing is vital.

Purchasing rust proofing products

All in all, it goes without saying that it is essential to ensure that you’re using adequate products to provide the 4x4 chassis protection that your vehicle needs. Whilst it can be easy to overlook the importance of rust proofing, you will always thank yourself for simply using a quality product with a quick and easy application process on your vehicle. Thankfully, here at Lanoguard, we can provide you with the best rust proofing and rust converter products for the job.

There really is no better company to turn to for the essential rust proofing products you need and you can always purchase from us in confidence knowing that our innovative products will be able to provide you with outstanding 4x4 chassis protection. We have been making our products for over 35 years now and during this time we have tried, tested and improved them over and over again, so you will never have to question their capabilities. You can check out our range of marine, outdoor, automotive and industrial products here.